Monday, February 23, 2009

how God explodes...

When I started blogging, less than a year ago, I simply needed a place to download all the freaky creative ideas that thrash around in my head.
Then God goes and explodes in my brain...
It is an understatement to say I now spend 20-40 hours a week focusing on research and future visioning along with actual week to week implementation of stage design and experiential elements for our services, working with my team and creating new teams.
The thing about designing worship elements is that they keep showing up regularly, like clock work, every seven days and it’s Sunday again.
As I started to download my ideas, I realized there were three primary areas I thought about.
Styling the stage: stage/set designs
Experiential elements that involved all the senses in the worship experience (5S).
So much has changed over the last year. I thought I’d share thoughts today on how this initial little thought about downloading my freaky ideas that were rumbling around in my brain into a blog; has exploded…


Team Building

I started on our creative team a little over a year ago. With no experience except participation in drama productions in high school and college, and a mind full of strange ideas. Some ideas just happen in my brain. Other ideas, I simply see during my web surfing and extrapolate out how to apply them to what we are doing. I find people who are doing it and then try to teach myself how to do it. I started alone and grew to four people fairly quickly. (Leigh Anne, Me, Genny and Beth)
Team building: the intentional invite (part 1)….
When people approach me at church with comments about liking some element they have just experienced. I immediately stop what I am doing and focus on getting to know them, asking them questions about what they like, gently see if they are interested and invite them to check it out.
People I have invited this way:
Sewing: This lady was drawn in because of the tabernacle experience. Her comment was, “when the curtains opened all I could think was that is a lot of yardage”. LOL. She was ready. She really wanted a way to connect and uses her talent of sewing. She has now completed two projects (a skirt for our on stage screen and a cover for the media cart where our monitors sit on in the lobby).
Sewing banners: This gal created this Judah banner. Want to use it for our upcoming Passover Seder element.
Graffiti artist: Simply been waiting for him to have the time. We finally got a graphic project for him to be involved with. Have several ideas as he has the time.
Experiential: Commented on our dances and the bread element. Just working on the timing.
New empty nester: working on the timing now.
There are several more that I am tracking.
Each of these people is being personally invited to our upcoming fuZion retreat.

I've been tallking to various people through out the year. Keeping track of them and have several new people that appear to be ready to start helping.

I sent them an e-mail inviting them to our big blow out fuZion retreat coming up in March.
I am printing out postcards and attaching a small gift to give to each person this week with a face-to-face invite.

I'm also working on a little thank-you gift for my peeps that have served so faithfully this year.

How do you meet new people for your team? Do you look for them or wait till they show up and ask to be on the team?

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