Monday, February 2, 2009

literally empty...

I decided to have a digital fast this week. Trying to refocus...

Then I got hit with a virus. It completely wiped out everything on my computer.

Many lessons learned...

I am not a very organized person, so I hadn't saved anything.

I am slowly realizing just how much of my world is on my computer.

Thankfully I started blogging to download ideas. Though there are many thoughts that were in documents and not posted...

All my photos, though some are on the web in various places. That one was tough. A least until a year ago, I was faithful about having my photo's printed in hardcopies. So, I am really just missing a years worth.

What I am missing are key. My dad's funeral, the last year of my grandbabies. Both of those I will mostly be able to recreate.

What I can't recreate is the last year photos of my dog who just died. No one cares about those phots except me.

E-mail isn't working just yet. I really hope that I don't have to start over getting e-mail addresses.

itunes...are all those songs gone or am I able to download them again?

Starting over with an empty computer...

Just like when we turn our lives

our life is an emplty slate

the empty slate, my life...

remembering what is important

when we create ideas for God's kingdom, we have to hold them loosely in our hands. For they are not really ours. it is something that we talk about a lot in our creative team.

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