Sunday, February 1, 2009


Worship Set 1
Blessed Be Your Name

Welcome and Greet

Worship Set 2
Lead Me To The Cross

Her name is Renee...this is her story
(dramatic reading)
Dance: A Time For Yohee (Between the Trees) lyrics
silouetted dancer behind the projection screen. Superimposed over a red'ish motion loop.
To Write Love On Her Arms

Message: People Jesus Met
Christ's demonstration of mercy to people He met who were train wrecks by personal choice.

Worship Set 3
From the Inside Out
Be Lifted High

This is one small contribution to the Sunday Set list blog carnival at Fred McKinnon's blog. Check out what other people are singing in worship this week.


Justin said...

Very nice set list
Love Hillsongs!
BE blessed

steff said...

Love "Lead me to the Cross" and "From the inside out" great choices. The dance sounds awesome!