Tuesday, February 24, 2009

team building: the intentional invite (part 2)...

More importantly for me: As I meet people in life who are unchurched or dechurched simply get to know them and their stories. Then I find out if they have any interest in creative ideas (usually people like this are drawn to me). I call it Starbucks evangelism...
Various people I have met at Starbucks:
Woodwork artist (jewelry-furniture): Unchurched gal. Have a thought of a 7 foot tao cross I would like to pay her to create as a stage prop. Just waiting for the money, the right element to introduce the cross.
Metal artist (welding, etc): Dechurched. Same idea. I have some ideas of nice metal sculptures to grace the stage.
Construction: Two guys: one (Dechurched) does commercial housing and retail construction and the second guy (Unchurched) around does home improvement helping others, decks, etc. I have several projects on the burners. Looking to ask them to help in building storage cabinets, stage platform (that piece together like a puzzle and folds flat for easy storage), and stage flats. I am inviting this guy to the fuZion retreat. Either by scholarship or I will pay for him.
Musician (piano): Dechurched Jehovah’s Witness. Prodigy pianist. Plays everything by ear. Waiting for the right elements to include him in.
Animae artist (2): Dechurched. Haven’t figured out how to use them, except maybe designing some graphics for series. Hey, we just got a graffiti artist for our church involved in graphics.
Crafty (needlework): Churched, but very unhappy at her fairly traditional church. Does amazing needle work and really needs people to connect with. If I had had time, I would have asked her to needlework covers for the Seder plates for the Passover element coming up. Still working on getting way more lead time for designing elements. We are only designing 4-6 weeks out currently.
Drama, little theater: Young, dechurched woman I worked with at Starbucks. Loves little theater, particularly stage managing. Still working on getting her involved. Working on creating a volunteer stage manager for behind the scenes. As we do larger productions, there needs to be someone to control what is happening backstage. And someone to direct random volunteers that pop up on stage after church who want to lend a hand.
Costuming: Unchurched. Just haven’t found the right project yet. But, will somehow be involved with dancing and future dramas.
Dance instructor: Dechurched. Working on getting the right elements approved to get her involved.
Have you ever considered looking to invite the unchurched to become part of your team?


Beth said...

awesome post, dorothy. i'm sharing this with my team...

dorothy (vicar of vibe) said...

Beth, Thank you, you are soooo sweet.