Sunday, February 8, 2009

people Jesus met...

Creative Elements this week: The focus was on People Jesus Met. We had an actor (from another church) portraying a homeless man, who sat on the bench with his shopping cart outside the front door of church as people entered today. He purposefully wouldn’t interact with people.
Very interesting to see peoples reactions. It was one of those elements that would either fly or fall flat on it’s face. It flew. People where talking to him, praying for him, bringing him food, offering help; one man wouldn’t even go into the service, he didn’t want to leave him.
We have an amazing congregation.

Worship Set 1
O Praise Him
Sing to the King

Welcome & Greet
Video: He Is Here (Amena Brown)
If you have never experienced Amena Brown, you really should take a few moments to check her out. She is amazing with spoken word.

Worship Set 2
How Great Is Our God
(chorus) How Great Thou Art
From the Inside Out

Testimonies: Of two men in our congregation who used to be homeless.
Message: People Jesus Met. How do we respond like Jesus.

Worship Set 2
Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone)

Heading out to "the Deep" this evening.

This is a small part of the bog carnival, Sunday Set List over at Fred McKinnon's blog. Check it out...


Justin said...

I LOVE O Praise Him.
one of my favorites

we did amazing grace too!
not with the chains are gone part..but the hymn

simple christfollower said...

We'll try "From the inside out" soon!

Fred F. McKinnon said...

Sounds like a great service- thanks for sharing the creative elements, especially!

For the Kingdom,
Fred McKinnon

Louise Knight said...

I always love the creative elements in your services. Love visiting to check out your setlists.

I would have been blown away by testimony from folks who had been homeless. I've heard a couple speak before and it just makes it something you canNOT walk away from.

dorothy (vicar of vibe) said...

Thank you for coming by.
I appreciate your comments on the creative elements, since it is really what I do...

steff said...

I always enjoy reading about your creative elements. This one was a really great idea! I would have loved to have been there and seen people's reactions.

Great set-list!