Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Set List//31//...

Worship Set 1
All Bow Down


Video: Obedience Referee (from the XC archives). Really goofy, starring one of our homegrown characters, Chuckie Swindler.

Highlight: Appalachia mission Trip

Message: Chris Campbell
The Lordship of Jesus (part 1)

Worship Set 2
Refuse To Be Denied
Give Me Jesus
Sweetly Broken
Mighty to Save

Stage set (more on creative fuZion Thursday)

I love when we mix up the OOS (order of service). Today we got four songs altogether at the end. We everyone was in the worship groove. Must say “Mighty to Save”, is one of our churches favs. By this time, people were really worshipping.
Great worship, great day and what a great God we worship!
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Russ Hutto said...

Love Mighty To Save!

Thanks for sharing your list this week!

Anonymous said...

We did Mighty to save this week too and we also did alot of worship at the end of our service, which is not our normal order of service.

Matt MacDonald said...

HUGE fan of Jeremy Riddle. Love his whole album. He lead at our churches Young Adult Conference. Great guy too!