Sunday, September 28, 2008

the reality behind the scene…

Sunday Set List
What an interesting weekend. Tons of "issues" happened this weekend.
The reality is we are a mobile church. Behind the scene can often be hectic.
Yesterday our truck got locked in the compound; something to do with the storm, clouds a solar powered key pad lock and the pass code changing. In fact-the logistics team got locked inside the compound with the truck.
The logistics team literally wound up having to unload what we needed off the truck and pass it out through a pedestrian gate, load it up in their cars and caravan over.
Very little rehearsal time, for the band.
Our Media Shout program crashed completely and had to throw everything into PowerPoint, literally this morning.
And ½ of the church was at a retreat this weekend. Our pastor was one of the teachers and got home really late last night. His wife (they have been married 12 weeks) was violently ill this weekend. And honestly shared he didn’t have as much time to prepare for the message as he would have liked.
We were fully prepared to do the service entirely unplugged. Because we fully know that God will always show up. That’s one of the reasons I love serving with all our various teams that support the weekend experience.. They are amazing!
The worship was amazing. The message was very emotional and real. It was a wonderful worship experience this morning and God truly was glorified. Because we know it was all about HIM!

Jesus I.D. Pt. 3: The Reality Behind The Scenes

Worship Set 1
Let Everything that Has Breath

Welcome & Greet / Announcements

Worship Set 2
Lead me to the Cross
Jesus Paid it All

(sorry really bad pictures)

Creative Element: was a stage set design, during the second worships set. Of a simply large red heart hung on the very back stage curtain. During “Jesus Paid it All”, (the transition that leads to the big crescendo of “Praise the One Who paid our debt. And raised this life up from the dead) the curtain opened to reveal a large chiffon cross.

(this picture was during rehersal, not with all the lighting and such)

Message: Jesus I.D. Pt. 3: The Reality Behind The Scenes

Worship Set 3
Breathe (an oldie but a goodie) - this was the most incredible closing song for this service today.

We feel so blessed to have the technology we do. But, in the end-none of that matters.
The reality is; it is nice to live in a country where we are free to worship God.
What matters is that we worship our God!

This a submitted as part of Sunday Setlist #10, at Fred McKinnon's blog carnival. A gathering where worship leaders and simple worshipers (like me) share each Sunday. Check it out!


Originally uploaded by Andrew Hunt

4 Week Series on creation and evolution - Andrew Hunt
Created w/ a team of 7. Leaves are wooden cutouts suspended by wooden dowels, painted by hand by artist and lit w/ single Source 4 Jr. Zoom and a homemade gobo from pie pan. 2 Jr Zooms used for blue back ground of ORIGINS and a custom Apollo gel for the word itself. We used hay bales stacked and burlap to build the dirt pile. For the dirt we used peat moss.
in the case of this design we used the back wall of our stage as a bracing point. at the top of the big brown wall (which is actually white spandex stretched over a wooden wall) are 2 wooden braces (2 2x4 per brace). on others that aren't near the back wall we build wooden "L" brackets and screw directly into the stage. We've also provided additional support from the lighting truss when needed. hope it helps!

For more photo's

staging area set-up for XC...

Specific suggestions on future staging for unloading and loading the truck for Cross Current Minstires.

Friday, September 26, 2008


Of course we should cover Coldplay...

Viva la Vida from Truitt on Vimeo

Thanks to Truitt for this sweeeet vid. Found it @ Creative Chaos.

(flickr) vicar of vibe...

My name is Dorothy; I am the (vicar of vibe).

Nine months ago, I was invited to join our worship creative design team.

Six months ago, I was prodded into blogging, by my friend Viqui.

I am a broken vessel used by G-d to entice skeptics, challenge the lukewarm, and spark passion in the believer to have a heart for those He has a heart for.

I am an extrapolator.
Ideas explode in my head, when I am in the will of God.

Which all of this has finally led me to the decision to start flickr creative elements design WAREHOUSE lab.

a building, or a part of one, for the storage of goods, merchandise, etc.
1. to place, deposit, or store in a warehouse.
2. to set aside or accumulate, as for future use.

The ware-house is a place to glean ideas for designing worship elements. A central location to find tons of ideas, with details on set designs and other experiential design elements. Kind of a one stop shopping warehouse.

You are encouraged to share photos of your church set/stage designs, and any type of experiential worship design. Elements that utilize all five senses in the worship experience. Anything that is with-in the four walls of your worship space.
You are highly encouraged to link to your blog, where you hopefully will share details on how you (your team, your church) created the worship element.

Maybe I should change my name to flickr vicar of vibe.
Add your design to the shelves or just come check out the designs at the WAREHOUSE...
This post is part of Watercooler Wednesday over on Randy Elrod's site, Ethos.

-click-> down the rabbit hole...

I love finding new design thoughts and ideas.

I was reading: Los Whittacker @ Ragamuffin Soul, which led to -click-> Ben Arment-click-> at Colide Magazine--> which -click-> Visual Worshiper and this:

and silly me, I thought my cloud images where cool. Hey, a least I am on the right path.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

anatomy of a set design for a mobile church on a tight budget…

We have been looking at trying to create some general set (stage) designs to utilize for worship on stage.
We started out by reusing two pieces of 8’ x 4’ plywood used in a previous set (not your parent flannel graph). And cut the pieces on a curved angle to create a 12’ curved screen. Painted it true blue enamel. Added hinges and voila!

We also have cabinets and drawers on rolling casters to store equipment. We use them as stage elements also.
The two Jesus images on the left are sitting on top of the rolling drawers covering with black cloth.
The portion of the stage flat on the right is actually the back side a 6 foot storage cabinet, painted. We attached molding across the back to set the third Jesus image on.

Added some purple cloth draping at an opposite angle. Gotta love Walmart’s $1 (a yard) table in the sewing department.
A couple Walmart shopping tips:
1. Keep a running list of colors and know the general size of you stage area.
2. I now know, if I am looking for something specific (like camouflage), I may buy only a limited amount.
3. But there are certain ubiquitous colors that I know I will always have a use for. Black, white chiffon, liturgical colors, (purple, red). And shiny stuff and satiny materials like gold, bronze and silver. Then I buy the whole bolt.
4. Remember to think out of the box. I found this unique bolt of cloth. It actually has the word Millennium and 2000 written on it in black. I figured out people wouldn’t be able to read it from where they are sitting in the auditorium and it really was a hot choice. Look what we did with it…

5. It you seem really drawn to it, buy it. It may not be there the next time you go. I should have bought the purple featured in this set when I first saw it. I wound up only being able to get 4 yards, would love more now I bought it.
Last, but not least, go by on a regular basis.
Seriously, if you haven’t checked out this resource you are only hurting your budget. Swing by Walmart this week, you will not be disappointed.
Next week, a six foot heart made out of pool noodles and a hula hoop! Seriously!

This is part of Creative Chaos 28 at Ragamuffin Soul's blog. A place where creatives gather to share their design elements and their hearts.

Do you have any secret tips on stage/set design?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


My grandfather was always seeking creative outlets. He did things like create a blue flocked nail polish, he read the entire Bible onto audio cassette tapes (twice, because he didn't like some of his pronunciations the first time around) and made keys.

He painted numerous paint-by-number kits.

One thing he did really well, is he hand-made some of the most awesome candles I have ever seen. I think that was when he found his true creative outlet.

I was reminded today of a story I once heard. It was about how God has a very specific picture that He wants each person to paint. He calls you to paint a picture that only YOU are able to paint.

If you don't, it will NEVER be painted.

So, you need to choose if you are going to create the picture that God intends to see, or are you going to paint-by-numbers?

Grandpa made candles. I design experiential elements and stage/set designs for my church.

What picture is God calling you to "paint"?

This is part of Watercooler Wednesday blog carnival!

WAREHOUSE Wednesday: gotta love Walmart

Jim Drake is one of those special people that reached out to me when I started blogging.
When you are a new blogger that means a lot. At least it did to me.
And I like his set (stage) designs . He is the Worship Arts Pastor at FBC Snyder.
And he is also a fan of the Walmart $1 table in the fabric department. I love that table. I go by every two weeks or so to see what they have gotten in that is new.
I am writing more on the joy of Walmart's $1 (a yard) table tomorrow.
This is probably my favorite of Jim's posted church set designs. Look at how he drapes the cloth all the way down on the floor.
Go visit his blog. He has lots of neat stuff.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

serious as a heart attack...

Today and the upcoming weeks are going to be tough for me.

My baby brother (37), is going in for a heart cath this morning. This is in preparation for open heart surgery in a few weeks to repair a prolapsed heart valve. I do trust in God and know Brice is in His hands and I praise God that they even found this problem, with him being so young. I mostly thank God that He is in my life. I can't even begin to imagine not having God in my life during this season.

But, I am still fearful. I certainly didn't get a lot of sleep last night. We just lost my dad this past Christmas, after years of heart complications. His first massive heart attack occurred on the table during a heart cath. This lead to a quintuple-by-pass, a MRSA (very serious), 80% congestive heart failure, deafness and much, much more over the last 12 years. I praise God he is no longer suffering and I am thankful for the years we did have to reconcile our relationship.

We also lost my mom-in-law to the very same complication of a heart cath a couple years ago. It was a very short six month journey from heart cath, MRSA, which was what eventually killed her.

I know a lot of this fear I am feeling is related to my dad's and mom-in law's history. I realize as I write this, it is the MRSA that concerns me the most. I know that the procedure is fairly safe, I just have had some very bad personal experiences with the heart cath. Two, too close to home.

I am also worried about my mom who isn't handling this well at all. She has been through so much.

Honestly, I really wish I was Indianapolis today. Instead I will be slinging drinks at Starbucks.

God is good, all the time...
Thanks for letting me share...

Monday, September 22, 2008

assignments for radical growth...

I never liked homework assignments in school.

Thankfully since I have grown up (ha, ha) I like homework.
As you may know, we have started a 52 week super-series at church, entitled:

"The Jesus Experiment"

We just finished our third week, and our pastor, Chris Eads is giving out homework each week. He is calling it

"Assignments for Radical Growth".

Here are our assignments for the last three weeks.

* Get a "red-lettered" edition of the Bible, where the words of Jesus are printed in red. begin a process of several times a week, reading ONLY the red letters., letting the black words (the context) fade into the background. This is not because we want to take the words of Jesus out of context; but rather allow His words to life off the pages and into your context. Ask God to apply these words to your present circumstances and see what He does!

*Give God one "blank check" day, where you commit 90 minutes to approach God in quietness and ask Him to speak to you on whatever topic HE chooses. Don't go in with an agenda. Don't ask God for something. but, ask Him to speak to you about whatever He wants and see what He says to you!

*Practical Examples of Pro-active Grace:
-Look for a person at school or work that is socially isolated. Intentionally plan a space to invite them into something relational...a meal, friends hanging, etc.
-Invite someone who is unsaved/unchurched over to dinner; invite them to lunch. just be normal and cool.
-Find a single mom down on her luck, and give her $100 or more anonymously.
-Call someone you have been personally alienated from and asked their forgiveness.
-Ask someone you know who is embroiled in great spiritual difficulty to sit down and talk; present them with the clear gospel message.

*And in our small group last night:
We got talking about grace (the topic of the sermon that morning)
We decided as a group (was completely unplanned) that we are going to each prepare a three minute testimony to share with the group.
We are planning to do a cardboard testimony element.
Then we were challenged to think about using that testimony to present to the congregation at large in a couple weeks in that context.

Are you willing to take on a homework assignment? Just pick even one for this week...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday set list #9

Pictures of our band (at the beginning) and our stage set design details (after the first dozen) today.

We intro'd Exalted (Yahweh) (by Chris Tomlin )last week and I found it amazing how quickly the song caught fire. It was just released September 2, 2008. I'm telling you, this song is amazing. Seriously.

Worship Set 1
Our Love is Loud

Welcome & Greet

Worship Set 2
Sing To the King
Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone)
Exalted (Yahweh)

Video-Parable of the Weeds (in house)

Message: Jesus I.D. Pt. 2: The Message, The Ministry, The Mission

Worship Set 3
Mighty to Save

This is part of Sunday Set List, at Fred McKinnon's blog; where worship leaders (and others) share their song set list each week. I have been privaliged to hear new songs, and also see more of what goes on in the mind of a worship leader.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

drawing with crayons...

Today our producers asked if I could draw out sketches of my stage designs for worship. I laughed.

That is a tall order. I reminded them that for me to translate what goes on in my brain onto paper is not going to be pretty. In no way am I able to draw.

So I went and bought some crayons...

The nice thing is the pPod team (the group that helps implement all our crazy stage/set design ideas) is able to listen to me and watch my eyes and who I move my arms and somehow figure out what I am seeing. To a degree.

They listen to my wild and crazy ideas, like how we are going to make a giant heart out of pool noodles and a hula hoop. Seriously.
They never even flinch when I say we are going to paint the back of our storage cabinets to create sets from. And for some wonderful reason, they choose to walk with and all my insanity. I am truly blessed. I so appreciate my found friends. I love each of them to life!

I read an interesting question today. What do you do to connect with God?

Recently for me, it is simply waking up. I am so grateful for having God in my life. I can't even begin to explain how thankful I am. I think it is why I pour so much into what I design. I truly wish that someday my meager offerings will help connect one more heart to God. That my lost friends might be able to feel this explosion of love I feel from having a personal relationship with God.

So how to I like to connect?
Singing, prayer, creating the elements that God puts in my brain, hanging out with lost and found friends...

So, I ask you...
What do you do to connect with God?

ode to joy...

This just made me laugh. laughter is good!

Ode To Joy from Beaker on Vimeo

What makes you laugh?

Friday, September 19, 2008

prolapse in judgement...

Well, I see snowballs melting, my youngest brother just started blogging @ prolapse in judgement. He is a copywriter and Associate Creative Director in advertising. Hence the cool blog name.
Sadly, he started to blog to post updates on his up and coming heart surgery.
He is in that flurry of doctor consults.
We are not very excited about the prospect, particular since our father died this last December after years of complications from his heart.
We have been praying that he wouldn't need open heart surgery, but they would op for the less invasive procedure. Looks like it will be open heart.
But, God is good and we are going into this knowing the great healer will heal.

Take time to be thankful today for you health and remember to tell the ones you love, that you love them. Trust me, you never know.


God, dogs and leadership…

Have patience, this will make sense I hope.
I have four dogs. Two old Jack Russell Terriers and two young mixed rescues.
The terriers are mother and son (18 and 15 years old respectively), the rescues are siblings (almost 4 years old).
The 15 year old terrier is old and very chubby, so he moves slowly. He wanted to go out. So, I go to the back door and wait for him to slowly waddle his way to the door…
I unbolted the door, click…
He pauses in the doorway…
The two younger dogs (who had been sound asleep, with my husband in the back bedroom), heard the click, leaped up out of bed, scrambled frantically through the house and literally created a V formation as they flew through the doorway and PUSHED the chubby dog; propelling him gently through the threshold, like this \o/.
It was God moment.
I have been struggling some with motivating my team. I couple of the people have been dealing with some tough situations and questions and haven’t been actively participating in our design element group. I was concerned for them and their struggles but also I was putting tons of extra time to compensate for the lack of hands over the last two months.
God suggested that I reach out to them and asked them. But, specifically if they are feeling called to be involved. I truly believe that the believers in this group really need to feel called to serve in this capacity and not because they feel they “have to”. I don’t want serving to be a burden.
Especially since I am making a push to start involving some dechurched/unchurched people I have met.
I (in my limited earthly comprehension) was worried that if I asked direct questions, I would hear they were no longer interested in serving on the team.
But, I did ask each one where there heart was.
The answers were awesome.
Despite the trials in their lives, they still feel called to serve.
So when I let the dogs out this morning I saw in that moment, a visual representation of what had just happened this week.
Ahhh, a gentle V formation that gently propelled them over the threshold…
Then I stepped in dog poop. I wonder what that means.

caught up in the creative chaos…

I really look forward to Creative Chaos each Thursday. A gathering of creative artists serving God from all over the nation and world. Topics range from music, and videos to set designs and random thoughts, and everything in between.
This week there was lots of thought provoking posts.
Here are some of my responses:

@Christopher (Caught Up in the Creative Chaos)
Creativity is not a linear process; it’s more like the finale of a fireworks display.
Hundreds of individual fireworks exploding all over, entwining with each other.
Rainbows of colors bursting and raining down across the sky; accompanied by a cacophony of noise.
And how do you explain that to someone who someone who is looking at a picture of an unlit firework?
I’ve tried to explain it by saying that I know when I am in God’s will, because ideas just explode in my brain.
And that is one of the reasons why I love Creative Chaos. Though we design in different medium, we understand each other because of the thought process.
I’m glad to see God exploding in your brain!

@Tyler (Silence and Solitude)
This is one I struggle with often.
I struggled with trying to carve out time to spend time with Him. I truly had the desire in my heart, I in my earthly flesh just couldn’t seem to make it happen read: I was trying to do it in my power).
I am ashamed to say, there have been times in my life when God is trying to tell me ‘Be still and know that I AM…” and I have ignored Him.
So, I finally just sincerely asked God to help me find the time.
Now I know that when I wake up inexplicably in the early morning (or middle of the night) I know it’s time to praise God and then wait on Him.
Today was one of those moments.
It is so amazing to me that the God of the universe would want to spend time alone with me. More importantly, why wouldn’t I want to spend time alone with God?
Thank you Tyler, for being so open and honest about your faith journey. I know you will be blessed.

funniest vid this week...

Dialogue Church is thinking about doing something like this...

Very creative and very funny. That is one of the reason I like hanging out at Creative Chaos.

Ameriquest Add--Hospital from Ryan Schaefer on Vimeo.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

call + response...

My call in this life is to interact with the lost and disenfranchised.

But these are my top causes, things that tear my heart apart. The holy discontent in my heart.
1. Modern day slavery, particularly children sold into sexual slavery.

2. TWLOHA (To Write Love on Her Arms)
Because I have felt that pain.

3. XXXchurch The secret sin that need to be honestly exposed. Particularly the stories of women. We need to be real and create a space where people are able to safely share and be honest.
What are your causes, what causes holy discontent in your heart?

Tyler' church and the Chronicles of Narnia...

Man this is a sweet worship set (stage) designs!
Tyler Braun at man. of .depravity shared this sweet set last week at Creative Chaos.

I love it, talk about thinking out of the box.

Here is what he said:
In the beginning of the Chronicles of Narnia the kids walk through a coat closet and eventually run into a tree that they walk through to enter into Narnia. Right now Sunset is a little bit like that.

When I walk from the green room to the stage I pass through a forest on the way.
We started a new series at Sunset titled “Growing Wise” to kick off the fall. Trees are a symbol for what it means to grow wise. So to exemplify that idea we brought in a bunch of trees that are now the back drop on our platform. Here are some pictures that I took.

Vicar of Vibe: What are the details?
Tyler: We bought the trees from someone that runs a nursery and are selling the trees after a month to recoup the costs. It took about 5 hours to bring them in and then takes time daily to take care of them. Then obviously we have lights around them to bring the colors out.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


It's hard to describe the creative environment at our fuze (creative team) meeting on Tuesday. I'm sure most creative teams are off the wall. Certainly we can't be the only ones...
I have mentioned it is like herding cats, literally.
Last week, I shared a video that
Carlos Whittaker posted on his blog. Lots of moaning...
Then this week, we had to show those who didn't make it to the meeting last week the video. A lot more moaning...
Then we found this on youtube. So here you go, this weeks funniest video.

Then you have videos like Evolution of Dance (with 98,874,714 views on youtube) and Charlie the Unicorn (with 28,624,711 views)
So now I am curious, what makes viral happen?

Monday, September 15, 2008

it's all in how you say it...

I am always conscious of what is being said or written, especially at church. And very sensitive about using "churchy" words. These words often have meaning that no one understands.

We use words like "seeker" which I have found, from non-churched people I hang out with, is offensive to them. They don't consider themselves "seekers". I much prefer the word "skeptic". It true and self explanatory.

We use confusing words like post-modern and emergent.

I just wish we would consider what we say and how it sounds to those who are churched.

Words are important, it's all in how you say it.

How important is this to you?

This is my first submission to (WCW) Watercooler Wenesday over at Randy Elrod's blog, Ethos.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

pPod bag...

This is what I call my pPod bag.

It has items that I have found it helpful to have with me all the time to finish off set designs while setting them up.
Sort of left to right.
1. Camera
2. Tacky Glue
3. Various types of tape (including gaffers)
4. Box of various sizes of safety pins
5. Stuff to write notes
6. Sharpie
7. Screwdriver
8. Scissors
9. Stapler
10. Staples
I almost forgot the gaffer (grip) clips.

pPod is what we call ourselves. We do set design and experiential worship design elelments.
Do you carry a bag like this? If so, what do you carry?


"Exalted (Yahweh)" from Chris Tomlin's newest cd.

First heard it Tuesday, bought it Wednesday, had it on repeat on my itunes since.

In fact, I was setting up the stage set this morning, while the band was rehearsing and they got to "Exalted (Yahweh)", and I fell to my knees to worship. It's that good.

We intro'd and sang it this morning at church and it rocked the house in worship.

It is a flat out anointed song! People were belting it out by the second verse. And by the end chorus "Yahweh, Holy is Your Name", praise was resounding all around us...Awesome!

Sunday set list #8...

(sorry blogspot giving me problems today)

I'm pretty excited!

We had two of the young people from the youth team working with the "grown-ups". One was playing with the worship team, the other was working on the light board.I strongly believe in incorporating the youthlings into the full body. Utilizing their gifts during weekend experience, along with what they do for the youth worship.

We also intro'd a new song from Chris Tomlin's newest album. Exalted (Yahweh). A flat out anointed song! People were belting it out by the second verse. And by the end chorus
"Yahweh, Holy is Your Name", praise was resounding all around us...

Worship Set 1

Marvelous Light
Holy is the Lord
(reprised) Marvelous Light

Welcome & Greet
Group Highlight - Russia Report

Creative Element: "Names of Jesus" video

Worship Set 2
All Hail the Power of Jesus Name (Raise up the Crown)
(Congregational Reading)
Exalted (Yahweh) Chris Tomlin' new album "Hello Love"
(reprised All Hail the Power of Jesus Name)

Message: Jesus I.D. Pt. 1: The Man, the Meaning

Worship Set 3
Center (cut)

We've been going a little ancient modern since we've started the "Jesus Experiment" series.
This is part of Sunday Set List #8 over at
Fred McKinnon' blog.

Friday, September 12, 2008

feed me...

Funniest video this week! From Jeffrey Gibson's blog
Man does this remind me of certain people who think it is all about them...
Worship and small groups, rotfl...

He said: Here's a video our small group team produced for our leader's meeting to emphasize how we need to teach people to feed themselves! It has Corey Bullock as the son, Eric Henley as the dad, and Poinciena Valle as mama. I filmed and edited it.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

WAREHOUSE Wednesday: pink inc. inspired set design

I really look forward to Thursday for Creative Chaos. Carlos from Buckhead gathers a bunch of creatives who share their creative design musings for the week.
This week, I started a new feature. WAREHOUSE Wednesday. A place to share worship set (stage) designs . Thanks for stopping by.

Spotlight: Courtney and Kendall Feia of High Point Church, Minneapolis, MN.

VIcar of Vibe: Tell me a little about you and your husband. What is your position at your church? Are you paid or is this your Jesus job?

Courney: I’m the Creative Arts Pastor at High Point Church in Minneapolis, MN. I’m a graduate of North Central University with a degree in Church Music. With worship as my first priority, I also create our graphics, media, and staging, and my heart/mission is to cultivate a creative arts department encompassing all of these things and then oversee it. I am currently paid part time, with my hours and salary increasing as we grow. I work with the best team on the planet. I do work another part time job outside of the church as my husband, Kendall is in his 4th year of medical school here at the University of MN. He will be starting a residency in Urology in less than a year.

VIcar of Vibe: Do you have your own church building or are you mobile?

Courney: We are a 2 year old church plant that meets in a movie theater. We are portable/mobile.

VIcar of Vibe: Tell me a little about your design team?

Courney: Right now our staging design team is my husband and I. He keeps me on planet earth and helps the pieces to actually function. (And to fit in our SUV)

VIcar of Vibe: I love that it has to fit in your SUV. What inspired you to design this worship set design?

Courney: Summer 08 set:

I came across pink inc by googling “tension fabric structures” and other words that might pull up some visual images of what I had in mind. My plan was to make some kind of white fabric stretched structure. (Once I figured out it wasn’t in our budget to buy one) Then I attended the 2008 ARC conference down at Church of the Highlands in Birmingham and they just happened to have a set built from stretched fabric structures. The shapes were really close to what I had envisioned so I took a close look and some pictures and just tried to reproduce it on a smaller scale.

VIcar of Vibe: What was the series message?

Courney: Actually, no particular sermon series. This year we made a decision to not change our set for every series other than bringing in an occasional large prop. Instead of spending a little money 12-15 times a year for each series, we spend more money about 4 times a year for a season. It works better for us to streamline these things as a portable church for our set up teams, and more importantly for the quality of design we can produce.

VIcar of Vibe: I really like that thought process. How long did it take to create this set?

Courney: From conceptualizing to final product it took about 30 - 40 hours for each of these designs. Including shopping for materials.

VIcar of Vibe: Give us details on how you created this, what types of materials, etc.?

Courney: Summer set:
The shapes were made from 3/4” CVC piping (Flexible waterline piping - next to the PVC – not the white stuff, the cream colored stuff)
Various CVC elbow connectorsConnectors secured to the pipe with PVC cement.
Once we had made the structure we laid it on the floor OVER a large strip of fabric and then pulled the fabric up over the sides.Fabric – spandex stretchy almost shiny fabric.
I splurged for nice fabric I think it was 10 bucks a yard.
Stretched over and attached to structures using heavy duty double sided carpet tape.
7 or 8 par 38 can lights @ $25 eachTotal cost: around $325 with the par lights.

(double click on this photo to see all the great details!)

VIcar of Vibe: Another quick question. What did you use to stand the structures up in (the floor stand)?

Courney: On the summer set (as you'll see in this pic), we used the same posts we had built from the previous set to balance them upright. I was surprised it worked as well as it did.

VIcar of Vibe: What is your favorite set design you have done?

Courney: My favorite by far was our summer staging set (this one). It just worked. It will be hard to top that one.

Vicar of Vibe: Courtney, thank you so much for taking time from your busy schedule to share all these details.

Courney: Wow, thanks so much for putting all this together.

Show me (tell me about) your most creative set design.
This is being submitted to Creative Chaos//26 over at Ragamuffin Soul. A place to share all things creative. Thank Los, for all you do!__________________________________________________
There you have it folks! The first set in now in the warehouse for everyone to see.


a building, or a part of one, for the storage of goods, merchandise, etc.
1. to place, deposit, or store in a warehouse.
2. to set aside or accumulate, as for future use.

One of my biggest desires is to glean ideas and have a central location to find tons of ideas, with details on set designs. Kind of a one stop shopping warehouse. With interviews and details, to share with others.

So join us Wednesday as we spotlight various creative designers from all over.
And share your designs with us.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Intro to the Jesus Experiment....

Wow! This was the worship set (stage) design that was totally dependant on God.
Yesterday, we were left hanging (or not) when Kinko's dropped the ball on printing our 2' x 3' images of Christ. So when we set up we thought we would only have the hanging cloth. Not too bad really. White chiffon and red velvety material hung by gaffer clips and safety pins (in that order).
Didn't look bad, with the changing light show for our drama- the Jesus Montage.

Then we got the call that we could pick up four of the images at 6:15 a.m. this morning. So dear worship leader drove to Kinko's and loaded up the images into her little SUV.

Then as you are able to see, we set up the large photos (printed on foam core:which is very fragile and expensive) at various heights and depths on stage and just off stage.

We initially thought we were going to hang them, but because of the time crunch this morning, we set them on music stands and it worked out perfectly. The vertical one in back was a music stand set on one off our rolling cabinets, draped in black.

Overall the set was breathtaking. I love when God helps us see past our limited vision.
Worship sets and the message was off the charts today!

What a big opening for our 52 week "super series" on "The Jesus Experiment".
This is part of Creative Chaos over at Ragemuffin Soul. All sorts of creatives share what they have been doing.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sunday set list #7

This is a very exciting week. It is the intro to our Jesus Experiment.

A year long "super series" exploring in depth the life, teachings, identity and reality of Jesus Christ.

Worship was out of the park today! I love when the congregation gets fired up for God! God was glorified today!

O Come, O Come Emmanuel
(that was way cool)
Set 1
All Bow Down
Sing to the King
Welcome and Greet
Set 2
Fire Fall Down
Be The Center

(Reprise of Fire Fall Down)
Creative Element:
Jesus Montage (hope to post this later)
Message: Intro to the Jesus Experiment...
Set 3
I Stand Amazed
Closing song: Jesus is My Friend (SonSeed)...

(Just kidding, thanks Carlos)
Our worship set design rocked too!
This is submitted as part of the crazy gang Sunday set list carnival @ Fred McKinnon's blog.
Join us Wednesday for WAREHOUSE:

a building, or a part of one, for the storage of goods, merchandise, etc.
1. to place, deposit, or store in a warehouse.
2. to set aside or accumulate, as for future use.

One of my biggest desires is to glean ideas and have a central location to find tons of ideas, with details on set designs. Kind of a one stop shopping warehouse. With interviews and details, to share with others.

So join us each Wednesday as we spotlight various creative designers from all over.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Announcing: WAREHOUSE Wednesday


a building, or a part of one, for the storage of goods, merchandise, etc.
1. to place, deposit, or store in a warehouse.
2. to set aside or accumulate, as for future use.

One of my biggest desires is to glean ideas and have a central location to find tons of ideas, with details on worship set design designs. Kind of a one stop shopping warehouse. With interviews and details, to share with others.

So join us each Wednesday as we spotlight various creative designers from all over.
And share your designs with us.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


The Jesus Experiment..

Miracle of the fish and loaves.

Being Jesus in the world.

A bunch of cans of tuna stacked on stage or on the communion tables: tagged with label a sheet with instructions.

People pick up a can of tuna. Take it home and follow the instructions:

Either, buy a package of cans of tuna, mayonaise and a couple of loaves of bread. Take to the shelter. Or give it to someone you know is in financial difficulty.

Buy a couple cans of tuna with pop top lids, packets of mayonaise and a loaf of bread and give it to a homeless person. Pop top lids are important because they don't have a can opener.

Believe it or not the mayonaise is the important part. I've often heard from people that they don't have the money for the extras and that often means mayonaise.

But, the original can of tuna with the label on it; pass it on to someone else and hand them the instruction sheet to Sort of a "pay it forward" type of concept.

Nothing about this being a church project, the only connection is label on the can and on the sheet. Where people are encouraged to write about what they chose to do.

That's it...

Monday, September 1, 2008

SPOTLIGHT: warehouse of set design ideas...

One of my biggest desires is to have a central location to find tons of staging ideas, with details. Kind of a one stop shopping warehouse. Starting with set design.
I started serving on our "fuZe" team in December of last year. We are team leaders that design all the creative elements for our weekend service.

I've have found blogs that focus on Creative Arts in general at Ragemuffin Soul's Creative Choas on Thursdays and sharing Sunday Set Lists on Sundays at Fred McKinnon's blog. They are great (check them out), but I still find myself looking for straight set designs.

So here it is folks, introducing...
Spotlight: warehouse of set design ideas.

So, if you'd be interested in being highlighted, contact me with pictures and details on your set design.