Wednesday, September 24, 2008


My grandfather was always seeking creative outlets. He did things like create a blue flocked nail polish, he read the entire Bible onto audio cassette tapes (twice, because he didn't like some of his pronunciations the first time around) and made keys.

He painted numerous paint-by-number kits.

One thing he did really well, is he hand-made some of the most awesome candles I have ever seen. I think that was when he found his true creative outlet.

I was reminded today of a story I once heard. It was about how God has a very specific picture that He wants each person to paint. He calls you to paint a picture that only YOU are able to paint.

If you don't, it will NEVER be painted.

So, you need to choose if you are going to create the picture that God intends to see, or are you going to paint-by-numbers?

Grandpa made candles. I design experiential elements and stage/set designs for my church.

What picture is God calling you to "paint"?

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