Sunday, September 7, 2008

Intro to the Jesus Experiment....

Wow! This was the worship set (stage) design that was totally dependant on God.
Yesterday, we were left hanging (or not) when Kinko's dropped the ball on printing our 2' x 3' images of Christ. So when we set up we thought we would only have the hanging cloth. Not too bad really. White chiffon and red velvety material hung by gaffer clips and safety pins (in that order).
Didn't look bad, with the changing light show for our drama- the Jesus Montage.

Then we got the call that we could pick up four of the images at 6:15 a.m. this morning. So dear worship leader drove to Kinko's and loaded up the images into her little SUV.

Then as you are able to see, we set up the large photos (printed on foam core:which is very fragile and expensive) at various heights and depths on stage and just off stage.

We initially thought we were going to hang them, but because of the time crunch this morning, we set them on music stands and it worked out perfectly. The vertical one in back was a music stand set on one off our rolling cabinets, draped in black.

Overall the set was breathtaking. I love when God helps us see past our limited vision.
Worship sets and the message was off the charts today!

What a big opening for our 52 week "super series" on "The Jesus Experiment".
This is part of Creative Chaos over at Ragemuffin Soul. All sorts of creatives share what they have been doing.


Jim Drake said...


We did one a year ago called "Who Do You Say That I Am"--we used all of the old Jesus, Icon photos, we could find. I even made a couple of collages that people took and put in their offices and homes.

Do you take this down every week? I forget--are you meeting in a permanent space.

Great job!

dorothy (vicar of vibe) said...

Yes, we are mobile. We meet in a junior high auditorium. It's a 400 seat venue. We have about 300 members, children not included.
We are now allowed to use the space behind the very back stage curtain on the stage.
We built several large cabinets (two 3' x 3' and one 6'x 3') on rolling casters.
We break down the drum kit each week and store it on top of the cabinets.
So, the answer is yes, we set up (every Saturday morning) and break down (every Sunday, after church).
Man, I'd love to see photos of your "Who Do You Say I Am" set, and the collages.

beth said...

gorgeous. i am so inspired - we are mobile as well, but we pretty much do NOTHING for set design - we bring it ALL in and take it ALL away every week...

you make me think of possibilities...