Saturday, September 20, 2008

drawing with crayons...

Today our producers asked if I could draw out sketches of my stage designs for worship. I laughed.

That is a tall order. I reminded them that for me to translate what goes on in my brain onto paper is not going to be pretty. In no way am I able to draw.

So I went and bought some crayons...

The nice thing is the pPod team (the group that helps implement all our crazy stage/set design ideas) is able to listen to me and watch my eyes and who I move my arms and somehow figure out what I am seeing. To a degree.

They listen to my wild and crazy ideas, like how we are going to make a giant heart out of pool noodles and a hula hoop. Seriously.
They never even flinch when I say we are going to paint the back of our storage cabinets to create sets from. And for some wonderful reason, they choose to walk with and all my insanity. I am truly blessed. I so appreciate my found friends. I love each of them to life!

I read an interesting question today. What do you do to connect with God?

Recently for me, it is simply waking up. I am so grateful for having God in my life. I can't even begin to explain how thankful I am. I think it is why I pour so much into what I design. I truly wish that someday my meager offerings will help connect one more heart to God. That my lost friends might be able to feel this explosion of love I feel from having a personal relationship with God.

So how to I like to connect?
Singing, prayer, creating the elements that God puts in my brain, hanging out with lost and found friends...

So, I ask you...
What do you do to connect with God?

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