Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sunday set list #7

This is a very exciting week. It is the intro to our Jesus Experiment.

A year long "super series" exploring in depth the life, teachings, identity and reality of Jesus Christ.

Worship was out of the park today! I love when the congregation gets fired up for God! God was glorified today!

O Come, O Come Emmanuel
(that was way cool)
Set 1
All Bow Down
Sing to the King
Welcome and Greet
Set 2
Fire Fall Down
Be The Center

(Reprise of Fire Fall Down)
Creative Element:
Jesus Montage (hope to post this later)
Message: Intro to the Jesus Experiment...
Set 3
I Stand Amazed
Closing song: Jesus is My Friend (SonSeed)...

(Just kidding, thanks Carlos)
Our worship set design rocked too!
This is submitted as part of the crazy gang Sunday set list carnival @ Fred McKinnon's blog.
Join us Wednesday for WAREHOUSE:

a building, or a part of one, for the storage of goods, merchandise, etc.
1. to place, deposit, or store in a warehouse.
2. to set aside or accumulate, as for future use.

One of my biggest desires is to glean ideas and have a central location to find tons of ideas, with details on set designs. Kind of a one stop shopping warehouse. With interviews and details, to share with others.

So join us each Wednesday as we spotlight various creative designers from all over.


Billy Chia said...

I'm a big fan of O Come Emmanuel. I'm also a big fan of Jesus is my friend. Seriously :)

thejonmorris said...

thanks for the heads up on the bad copy paste job by me.

Gary Durbin said...

Hey Dorothy...thanks for the comments. "Fire Fall Down" is some powerful stuff. Have a great week.

dorothy (vicar of vibe) said...

@ billy-"O Come Emmanuel" was an amazing intro to this series...
I think everyone needs to add "Jesus is my Friend" to their rotation.

@jon-no problem

@gary-"Fire Fall Down" is one of those guaranteed songs at our church. People won't stop singing it until they are forced to.

david0d0lindner said...

Thanks for the comment. I really like your set design in that picture you have, great ideas there!

beth said...

sounds like a great set and a great idea for a transformative series...

down2earth said...

"Fire Fall Down" is a great song... would have loved to have heard you all do it...

Windbag said...

You got me with "Jesus is My Friend." I played that for the band at rehersal, then for several people Sunday. We toyed with the idea of playing it for the congregation, but decided it might not be received in the best spirit, plus the visitors would never return.

brandonteer said...

Great Set List!!! I love "Fire Fall Down" Have a great week!