Wednesday, September 10, 2008

WAREHOUSE Wednesday: pink inc. inspired set design

I really look forward to Thursday for Creative Chaos. Carlos from Buckhead gathers a bunch of creatives who share their creative design musings for the week.
This week, I started a new feature. WAREHOUSE Wednesday. A place to share worship set (stage) designs . Thanks for stopping by.

Spotlight: Courtney and Kendall Feia of High Point Church, Minneapolis, MN.

VIcar of Vibe: Tell me a little about you and your husband. What is your position at your church? Are you paid or is this your Jesus job?

Courney: I’m the Creative Arts Pastor at High Point Church in Minneapolis, MN. I’m a graduate of North Central University with a degree in Church Music. With worship as my first priority, I also create our graphics, media, and staging, and my heart/mission is to cultivate a creative arts department encompassing all of these things and then oversee it. I am currently paid part time, with my hours and salary increasing as we grow. I work with the best team on the planet. I do work another part time job outside of the church as my husband, Kendall is in his 4th year of medical school here at the University of MN. He will be starting a residency in Urology in less than a year.

VIcar of Vibe: Do you have your own church building or are you mobile?

Courney: We are a 2 year old church plant that meets in a movie theater. We are portable/mobile.

VIcar of Vibe: Tell me a little about your design team?

Courney: Right now our staging design team is my husband and I. He keeps me on planet earth and helps the pieces to actually function. (And to fit in our SUV)

VIcar of Vibe: I love that it has to fit in your SUV. What inspired you to design this worship set design?

Courney: Summer 08 set:

I came across pink inc by googling “tension fabric structures” and other words that might pull up some visual images of what I had in mind. My plan was to make some kind of white fabric stretched structure. (Once I figured out it wasn’t in our budget to buy one) Then I attended the 2008 ARC conference down at Church of the Highlands in Birmingham and they just happened to have a set built from stretched fabric structures. The shapes were really close to what I had envisioned so I took a close look and some pictures and just tried to reproduce it on a smaller scale.

VIcar of Vibe: What was the series message?

Courney: Actually, no particular sermon series. This year we made a decision to not change our set for every series other than bringing in an occasional large prop. Instead of spending a little money 12-15 times a year for each series, we spend more money about 4 times a year for a season. It works better for us to streamline these things as a portable church for our set up teams, and more importantly for the quality of design we can produce.

VIcar of Vibe: I really like that thought process. How long did it take to create this set?

Courney: From conceptualizing to final product it took about 30 - 40 hours for each of these designs. Including shopping for materials.

VIcar of Vibe: Give us details on how you created this, what types of materials, etc.?

Courney: Summer set:
The shapes were made from 3/4” CVC piping (Flexible waterline piping - next to the PVC – not the white stuff, the cream colored stuff)
Various CVC elbow connectorsConnectors secured to the pipe with PVC cement.
Once we had made the structure we laid it on the floor OVER a large strip of fabric and then pulled the fabric up over the sides.Fabric – spandex stretchy almost shiny fabric.
I splurged for nice fabric I think it was 10 bucks a yard.
Stretched over and attached to structures using heavy duty double sided carpet tape.
7 or 8 par 38 can lights @ $25 eachTotal cost: around $325 with the par lights.

(double click on this photo to see all the great details!)

VIcar of Vibe: Another quick question. What did you use to stand the structures up in (the floor stand)?

Courney: On the summer set (as you'll see in this pic), we used the same posts we had built from the previous set to balance them upright. I was surprised it worked as well as it did.

VIcar of Vibe: What is your favorite set design you have done?

Courney: My favorite by far was our summer staging set (this one). It just worked. It will be hard to top that one.

Vicar of Vibe: Courtney, thank you so much for taking time from your busy schedule to share all these details.

Courney: Wow, thanks so much for putting all this together.

Show me (tell me about) your most creative set design.
This is being submitted to Creative Chaos//26 over at Ragamuffin Soul. A place to share all things creative. Thank Los, for all you do!__________________________________________________
There you have it folks! The first set in now in the warehouse for everyone to see.


a building, or a part of one, for the storage of goods, merchandise, etc.
1. to place, deposit, or store in a warehouse.
2. to set aside or accumulate, as for future use.

One of my biggest desires is to glean ideas and have a central location to find tons of ideas, with details on set designs. Kind of a one stop shopping warehouse. With interviews and details, to share with others.

So join us Wednesday as we spotlight various creative designers from all over.
And share your designs with us.

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