Wednesday, September 24, 2008

WAREHOUSE Wednesday: gotta love Walmart

Jim Drake is one of those special people that reached out to me when I started blogging.
When you are a new blogger that means a lot. At least it did to me.
And I like his set (stage) designs . He is the Worship Arts Pastor at FBC Snyder.
And he is also a fan of the Walmart $1 table in the fabric department. I love that table. I go by every two weeks or so to see what they have gotten in that is new.
I am writing more on the joy of Walmart's $1 (a yard) table tomorrow.
This is probably my favorite of Jim's posted church set designs. Look at how he drapes the cloth all the way down on the floor.
Go visit his blog. He has lots of neat stuff.

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Jim Drake said...

Thanks for the kuddos... I must have missed this while I was in the desert!