Saturday, March 31, 2012

caged bird...

Acorn Woodpecker
(wplynn) flickr

It's early in the morning and I am listening to the birds outside my window chirping “I am free”; as I pray and reflect on this coming day.
For us it started with one voice chirping, “we need to look outside our lavish northern Virginia lifestyles and really see the problem of human trafficking”, then others joined in the chorus.
Today we are the Loudoun County Human Trafficking Task Force (VA). With great anticipation we are preparing for our first county wide first education & awareness movie event. A showing of “Not My Life”. People have joined hands & raised their voices, sharing what they know about trafficking and today 80-100 people are coming to start their education & awareness process.
Who will in turn spread awareness. But, more importantly they will start doing something about abolishing slavery in our lifetime.
It is a process, it takes patience. But the realization hits that one person can do so much. One voice, plus one voice swells into a multitude of voices.
Somewhere in your home town, there is a person or a child who is caged in human trafficking, chirping “please release me, set me free”. Will you be that voice that responds?

be a voice for the voiceless...

We believe everyone has a voice to be heard. By lobbying your local politician, you can advocate for those without a voice. Often times adjusting laws and policies surrounding the issue of human trafficking can make it easier to identity and convict traffickers in the court of law. For more information on how to inform your elected officials, check it out:
Ask Congress to Support Crucial Anti-Trafficking Bills Today!

It's a very simple act, write for their rights. Something you are able to do today is to sign petitions and letters today that will be hand delivered to the President, Congressmen and Senators.
Two great non-governmental organizations are invovled with powerful legislative advocacy to end slavery and you can help.
STAND FOR FREEDOM: Sign your name

Monday, March 19, 2012

little bitty rubber ducks...

One day I sat down and made this silly vid about how the stage design "really" occurs at Cross Current. In some ways I wish it were true. It would make it simpler.
If you could see me on a Sunday...squeezing in between the various band members, crawling on top of wonky carts, rolling up 35' of material on the floor, cutting and stringing heavy duty fishing line and lots and lots of safety pins.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

life as a mobile church...

Since I have been dealing with the very same elements for about 3 months now, it's been tougher to simply design and make them look interesting from my POV.

The posters have to go really high, so the logo's show, it gets to be a struggle.

Then add to that, the middle school we met in has been doing their spring musical production of “Annie”. So we have been contending with stage sets, extra flats, props (large props), furniture...

Honestly I wasn't really “feeling” it.

But I woke up really early (thank you God) today, ready to roll out and do the stage.

It was really tight on stage with the band moved forward. We lost about four feet of the rear of the stage. But, hey...we made it work.

Friday, March 9, 2012

second verse, same as the first...

We are now in week 9 or 10 utilizing the banners for this year's study.
March 2, 2012

It is somewhat a tough design element; since they have to hung very far up because of the location of the logos on the banners. Plus trying to get creative with the design & placement of the banners.
BUT, it is getting the point across. Soon our people will hopefully know our mission statement is:
Love God, love others, serve the world...
We have actually been working with this mission statement for over two years and it is beginning to sink in. Repetition is so important.
Working on some thoughts on how to pull out some of the logo design elements to add to the stage designs.  I will let you know how it is going soon.