Saturday, April 24, 2010

guerrilla worship...

ONE flash mob in Liverpool...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thursday, April 1, 2010

no longer ENHANCE team leader...

Look at what God has done now!

Last week at XC Ministries.

This is a really big deal. For me it is the best stage design yet. But, this is NOT something that I designed or implemented. But this was created by a super sweet person named Allison Sovey.

But what I love more than that is engaging skeptics in relationship. It just comes naturally. It often happens at Starbucks. I call it Starbucks evangelism. I meet people, become friends with them wherever they are at in life. I really seem to be able to “hear” when people have an interest in life that could be a “hook” into me inviting them to try out XC Ministries. And God does the rest…

Now, about Allison. I met Allison when I started working at Starbucks 4 years ago. She was an de-churched person who had completely stepped away from God in her faith journey.
She joined the ENHANCE stage design team almost a year ago. She has since accepted Jesus as her personal Lord and Savoir and hasn’t looked back since. It’s been a fantastic journey.
But you know what? It has been just so much fun to see her utilizing her passion and gifting, while growing in her new relationship with God.
As of a couple of weeks ago, the mantle of ENHANCE team leadership has been passed on to Allison. It is just so darned exciting. I can barely contain myself.

I have been changing up what I do at XC ministries. More about that later. But, I will still work along side Allison on the ENHANCE team, because I just flat out love it.

I am Dorothy (vicar of vibe) no longer the ENHANCE team leader @ XC.
My mission statement is “love God, loves others, it’s simple…”.
My vision is to “entice the skeptic, challenge the lukewarm & ignite passion in the believer (to go into the world)”

I see a generation
Rising up to take their place
with selfless faith, selfless faith…
- Hosanna by Hillsong United