Friday, July 11, 2008

starbucks evangelism...

Why I do what I do… I work at Starbucks.
Believe it or not, I feel that God called me to this job. I love working with my partners, I love most of my customers. Just don’t ask me about “grande, 2 raw sugars cappuccino”. Ugh!

I have found that I have had far more conversations about faith (God, JC the whole thing and everything else in between) than I have ever had anywhere else. Including church.

I love talking about peoples faith journeys. People are so hungry for spiritual discussions. As long as they are not feeling judged. I am just really curious and sincerely want to know why people are where they are in life.

Let’s see there is "venti, 7 pump melon, passion tea lemonade": who grew up LDS and is really trying to find what is real and not real.

And what about "venti coffee with hazelnut syrup": grew up Catholic but is feeling very far away from all things God. Drinking, drugging, lots of meaningless sex.

Then there is "double tall vanilla latte": grew up without any faith journey at home at all. She has been investigating pagan (ism?).

Oh and "triple grande breve latte": married, lapsed Lutheran, who needs to talk about having an affair with her co-worker.

Well then, I also have to mention "doppio espresso": who states proudly that they don’t believe in God, but in pirates. Seriously.

The stories go on and on… It’s not my place to judge, but to just honestly love people where they are at. And that is why I do what I do.


Jim Drake said...

Thanks for the insight into your mission field. I'm sure you are just where the Lord wants you--and what better way to meet them than where they feel the most community (sad to say it wasn't in a church).

keep us posted said...

love it! starbucks evangelists unite! like you, one of the full-time pastors at my church actually took a part-time job at Starbucks too, for the same reasons. I might as well be paid to be there... I change the milk for them every time I hear the timer go off so they don't have to walk all the way around the counter.