Thursday, July 24, 2008

pPod in action…

shout out to some of the p’s on the pPod team.
We have been working together since February this year (2008)
We’ve done some fun stuff in our short five months together…
imperfect church banner
life sized flannel graph for Easter

10 Commandments prop
paper shredders

Leigh Anne, Dorothy, Genny and Beth 071808
This is a “mystery” element we are working on currently. What I will share at the moment, is we are working to create modular component system that we can utilize for ongoing design elements.

Since we are a totally mobile church we are working on a rolling platform systems and investigating working with expanded polystyrene for set design and it has to fit in our truck. if you have worked with expanded polystyrene in your stage designing, I'd LOVE to hear from you.

Since one of my goals is to invite unchurched and dechurched skeptics into a relationship with God through serving on pPod, I’m always looking for other people to “help” us out.

So, these are the hands of my dechurched husband Brian, helping us out by building the rolling platform.

sshhh! Don't tell him he is working for God. lol. Actually I praise God for my husband. He has the love langauge of service. He helps me pay for, design, build and transport elements. He is amazing!

Sometime soon I'll add a picture of "Mitch" who also helps us soooo much!

Thanks to everyone for giving so much from your heart...

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