Wednesday, June 11, 2008

10 commandments prop/skit...

we took this image and blew it up in high res to about a 4' x4' image on multiple shhets. Cut it out. Attached it to cardboard and thin pvc sheets (for stability) and then simply stuck it on a box.
It was the main prop for the "The Ultimate 10 Commandments Cheer" which was hyterical.

To see the skit go to Cross Current messages:
scroll down to 03.30.2008 - 04.27.2008: The Best of the bible RE:Mix
click on availible messages
then 04.26.2008: Drama - The ultimate 10 Commandments Cheer
and click "watch"
I promise it is worth going through all the hassles of getting there.

disclaimer: please don't look at our website, we are in the middle of redesigning it, upto and including having our dramas and videos posted on youtube.

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