Wednesday, June 11, 2008

soak...(Part 3 the lab)

Soak…XC fuzion creative arts lab…
(Creative Arts Design Team Conference)

Design: to ointroduce avenues for people to explore their gifts, talents and passion by checking us out on the various creative teams. Create synergy.

Media umbrella:

Utilize 5S (5 senses), generate buzz (saturate), repeat…

branding title for event (fits the partial (water) branding of XC )
We need to increase lead time for roll-out. Currently we tend to fall into a two-four week announcement and wonder why people don’t respond.
Focused 6 month marketing plan with emphasis on at least 2 months marketing (enrollment) roll-out, to increase attendance.

XC website:
6 week introduction with video and page link for more detailed description of each team:
3 weeks out pop it up to a primary location i.e. the four screen rotation

Soak…Promo Video: Setting the stage on Saturday morning.
Each team
Add tag box.
mouse over to show name
then…mouse click and eliminate that element.
drama, graphics, Stage set, Sound, band, going though until it is an empty stage, last click (tag box lighting). Black screen, logo in conference information.

Podium marketing:
Create kick-down table display area with take-away promo (handout) cards:
Take away: Various teams will promo cards created for their teams.
Working with marketing strategy to increase awareness of their presence at XC
Add-in bulletin, one a week. Make it memorable (typically the take away or insert has a 4-6 week shelf life in people home environment)

Conference design:

Creative Writing -
Dance Team –
Drama Teaam -
Graphic arts -
Lighting -
Music –
Sound Tech-
Videography –

Include these skill sets in promo/marketing
Digital Arts; videos, graphics
Hands On: Building and designing
Worship Band
Tech Team:

9:00 training session: participate in the Saturday morning set-up, enable them to get a feel for how it is put together each week.
10:00 worship
11:45 close at eagle ridge: travel to offices (other training site)
12:00 lunch
1:00 break out session
2:00 break out session
3:00 design it
4:00 worship
5:00 close

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