Saturday, June 28, 2008


Had such a blast last night (and today) at our fuze team major blow out planning session.
We are starting to plan out a major 58 week series on the life of Jesus. Sweet. All the major teams were represented. Drama, dance, multi-media, creative writing, pPod (experiential worship and stage design), teachers, worship team, producers, pastor, past and present and even a visitor from another church.
It was mad wicked fun planning with all sorts of various elements.

We started out last night by spending about three hours interspersing worship, prayer and taking turns reading through the gospel of Mark aloud. It was so much fun, and very interesting to hear different versions of the Word being spoken aloud, by a wide variety of personalities. We even had a major crack up session over the passages Mark 8:13-22.
Viqui read her passage from the Good New Bible. (Sorry, the closest I could find was the Living Bible)…

The disciples had forgotten to stock up on food before they left,
and had only one loaf of bread in the boat.
As they were crossing, Jesus said to them very solemnly,
“Beware of the yeast of King Herod and of the Pharisees.”
“What does He mean?” the disciples asked each other.
They finally decided He must be talking about their forgetting to bring bread.
Jesus realized what they were discussing and said
“No, that isn’t it at all. Can’t you understand?”…
Jesus goes on to remind them of the two miracles
He had recently performed with loves and fishes…

Now, I realize this is probably one of those “you had to have been there” moments, but the way it was read, you could just hear Jesus trying really hard to not say “duh!” We started cracking up. Literally lol!

Anyway, to make a long story short(er) we already do a lot of “spoken word” at XC; but we decided that we really needed to read major chunks of the gospels through out the series. 58 weeks…that could add up to a whole lot of God’s word straight up and unadulterated. And we all are flat out fired up about it.

I’m excited to start sharing more as we process the notes from the retreat..

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