Saturday, June 21, 2008

vicar of vibe speaks on a spirtual tsunami...

I’m starting to feel that worship planning works like developing weather patterns & I personally feel a spiiritual/worship tsunami emerging across the nation.
For several months now, our team has been pushing design elements with that acoustic feel.
Intentionally creating a worship space that is safe, authentic and breaks down the worldly barriers we all enter with.
We have all personally expressed a desire for a more profound worship experience, where we feel we are able to drop our worldly masks and follow God’s prompting during worship.
“Reveal Survey" results show that a huge majority of people at XC are hungry for a deeper more intimate worship experience. People are searching for that genuine space dedicated to worship.
I probably track 50+ various blogs, websites that deal with worship design. I am seeing more and more churches pressing for a deeper worship experience, an extended time of simply worshipping.
A desire for softer, more intimate, “be still” time with our Father.

A few thoughts:

  • Space: It’s harder to reach that space if all the house lights and stage lights are blaringly white
  • Freedom of release: People need to know that it is o.k., to react to how they are feeling, i.e. raising hands, kneeling down, lying prostrate
  • Focus: On God, not the worship team
  • Continuity: Need to provide an extended worship set; that doesn’t start and stop. Imagine taking a nice hot shower, then getting hit with cold water. When you break up the music too much, that is the effect it has on worship.
  • Music: Insure that all the music is about God (not about us), that the words praise Him and His attributes.

Are we feeling this tsunami as worship designers? Are we actively throwing off the shackles of “this is how we have always done worship”? Are we personally seeking a more intimate worship experience? Are we designing to allow others to spend more time simply worshipping? People are yearning, they want to be immersed in God. Their hearts are crying out for something that is authentic, deep rooted, intense.
Let’s not let them (or God) down.

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