Wednesday, June 11, 2008

soak...(Part 2 - frustrations)

Soak – Fuzion Lab

Part of my frustration level is, I feel there is a definitive barrier that separates the “old team family” vs. the new blood that they have been praying for.
I teased that they have been praying for specific people and God answered by sending this new blood and they don’t know what to do with them, can’t see them or don’t trust them.
There is a definitive ‘line of trust’, where you have to prove yourself…

Interesting, last night I threw out the thought I’ve been working on concept of the fuzion creative arts
Now, understand that I am not saying I am all that…
But, you think someone from the ‘family’ (with vision and foresight) would have picked up on it and said “That’s amazing, we’ve been talking about that and you have been designing one…maybe we should include you in the process…”

Hearing what people are saying and connecting the dots…

I’m very used to lighting a fire under the established the thought process to implement ideas from underneath. I don’t care about the credit,
I also understand that they don’t know my thought process. When I say “I’ve been thinking about it…” it means that I have planned the various conference tracks, the design on the weekend and the marketing approach.

I’ll just keep pluggin’ away, throwing ideas uphill, maybe eventually I’ll be able to break through the glass ceiling.

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