Friday, June 6, 2008

God Almighy's facebook script...

God’s Facebook

[Video begins with two guys snooping in another persons cubicle in a workplace].

Pete: Jimmy! Jimmy! Get over here!

Jimmy: What is it Pete?

Pete: You know that new guy that just started working here?

Jimmy: What guy?

Pete: The guy that’s sort of mysterious and a little weird and doesn’t talk a lot.

Jimmy: Oh that guy! Yeah, what about him?

Pete: Well, that’s his stuff over there and he’s away from his desk!

Jimmy: So?

Pete: So??

Let’s go through his stuff!

Jimmy: OK!

Pete: Hey look! He’s got his Facebook page up. You wanna check it out?

Jimmy: Sure!

Pete: Updated his page 1 minute ago. [reads recent activity] “Leaving my desk for a LOOOOOOONG break…” Look at that, we’ve got some time. [sits in the chair] So who is friends with this guy?

Jimmy: Does that say, “The Almighty God and Sovereign Lord.” Weird… You don’t think that’s actually God’s Facebook page do you?

Pete: I don’t know. Let’s check it out. [clicks to God’s Facebook page] Well there’s no picture. Who are his friends?

Jimmy: [Looking at God’s friends] I don’t know any of these people? Where is the pope?

Pete: The Pope?

Jimmy: If this is really God’s Facebook page, then the pope would be here. They’re like, best friends.

Pete: Jimmy, did you ever stop to think that maybe the Pope doesn’t have time to be on Facebook.

Jimmy: That’s a good point.

Pete: That’s the problem with you Jimmy. You never think! [Jimmy appears momentarily despondent]

Pete: It looks like all of God’s friends are just random people.

Jimmy: It looks like He’s been playing word cube. 87th percent tile. That’s a pretty decent ranking.

Pete: But he’s the God of the Universe. Why not 100. Why isn’t He the best?? This is tripping me out.

Jimmy: Hey.

Pete: Yeah?

Jimmy: Should we poke him?

Pete: What?

Jimmy: You know, just a little shout out. A little wuzzup…

Pete: I don’t know if I like that idea.

Jimmy: What’s the matter. Chicken?

Pete: What?

Jimmy: You’re chicken Pete! That’s the problem with you. You’re a big ol’ CHICKEN!!

Pete: [not backing from the challenge] Ok, I’ll poke him. [Send’s God a poke] [A few seconds pass while Jimmy and Pete are waiting for something to happen but nothing is happening]

Jimmy: Nothing happened.

Pete: Yeah, this whole thing is probably a fake. Look at His wall. [Pete reads] 7 minutes ago - Focusing on mercy. 15 minutes ago - Feeling angry. 27 minutes ago - Seeing into the near future where Pete and Jimmy will blasphemously poke the Almighty God. 33 minutes ago - Just kidding guys, it’s all good.

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