Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Revelation Series

Revelation Reflections

Stage Design Over entire Revelation Series (07/27/08-08/24/08)

Stage prop – giant mirror that reflects what we see in ourselves, and morphs throughout the series to reflect various aspects we are covering in the series. (and/or several sizes of mirrors hanging through out the stage) This element is APPROVED

What I am envisioning is a large light weight circular frame. Suspended or bolted onto the pvc pipe frame?
Then taking cardboard rectangles of various sizes, painted various colors of blue, attached to the frame (I’m e-mailing the visual)

Other design elements to be added each week:
1st week: reflects what we see in ourselves (go with open frame of mirror, no interior). Dance: - (Willow) – Struggle against defeat – includes mirror dancers – Main dancer is in her struggle against mirror dancers – eventually turns to God. Song “Resurrection” – Nicol Sponberg. This element is APPROVED
2nd week: reflects God (skim or curtains w/bright light, shining out spot light maybe?)
3rd week: reflects Christ (Camera at audience and project live feed to screen (I really like this element).4th week: end times (thought: invoking cracked mirror: hanging cloth/curtains (?) painted with silver lines that look like a cracked mirror
5th week: reflects heaven (thinking…)

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