Friday, June 6, 2008

frames and floating plexiglass...

Here is our stage for (his) new church plant Fellowship of the Hills in Tallahassee, FL. We worked hard to jump in and help them come up with something to turn this ugly middle school cafeteria into something cool.
HIS ELEMENTS:-4 spandex screens stapled around a wood frame hit with just a few par cans from the sides of the stage. -lanterns that we hung from spliced electrical wire...-the screens on the side have since been replaced with widescreen spandex frames as used on the set. They help tie everything together.

I’d love to take something like this and stagger the frames, so that some are overlapping others.

Or more…I’ve been playing with this idea:
Since we are meeting in an auditorium of a junior high school complete with standards black stage curtains:

We were designing for a message called “Marked by Christ” on tattooes…
Here’s the thought; hanging plexiglass rectangles and squares (in the 3’ x 5’ or 4’ x 6’ range) with various hand painted inkings on them. Hung vertically and horizontally. So it seems like they are floating in space.

Sadly the message got dropped.

HIS QUESTION: We have to setup and take down each week, sucky, but we make do. Does anyone have any cool stage elements that could be used with a setup tear down type stage? We are about to start a new series and need some new designs. Curious to see what kinds of stuff you all do!

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