Thursday, July 10, 2008


07/13/08 FORGIV3N3SS
(submitted to Creative Chaos @ Ragmuffin Soul 07/10/08)

(Screenshot from video created by David Spicer)

Our parameters:
We have a guest speaker whose message is on forgiveness. He is going to bring a larger accounting ledger as a stage prop. He wanted to do a reflections piece at the end of his message, where he guides people to write down who they need to forgive.

Melding the accounting ledger (numbers) thought and the topic of forgiveness; We decided to use the tv show Numb3rs as the concept theme.

Logo: Forgiv3n3ss Screenshot from the video created to brand across service elements.

Video: (Multi-media team)- Scripture on Forgiveness reflection time combined with Numb3rs (Martha gets the bible verses/ Bill and David work on the video montage

Bulletin:- Have it formatted to be like a ledger (printed already)- Who do I need to forgive- Who do I need to seek forgiveness from

Interactive: (pPod) - Shredder stations for people to shred ledgers
A milestone for us:
While I have only been attending Cross Current for a about a year, this is the first “branded” service since I have been on the team. I have only been on our creative design team for 8 months. While they may have branded services before, I haven’t seen any.
This is the first piece of this weeks coming element.

More later: Including a created “forgiv3n3ss video with related scriptures”.


Jim Drake said...

We did a FORGIVENESS series about 2 years ago. Our metaphor was the chalkboard and an eraser.


prophetsandpopstars said...

very cool. I just read The Shack. Lots of forgiveness their. I love the break down of your posts.

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