Monday, July 21, 2008


When I first saw this concept (not this specific clip) I was amazed. trying to figure it out in my brain and the only thing I could come up with at that point was that it was some form of pepper's ghost. (on wikipedia, this link was giving me problems) It is so tight.

After more research and base on this specific view, I've determined that it is probably cheoptics.

Again, I am trying to envision this as part of worship design.

How about in a message focusing on when Jesus appeared to the crowd after His death...having this type of cheoptic projection with Christ. Or is this is too ghostly and He wasn't. He really was there.

I just know that there is so much potential utilizing elements based on these types of things...These
ideas are still gelling in my mind...

(disclamier: I'm not saying that we need to add a cheoptic of Kate Moss into our worship design: when I last posted about holograms I think someone thought I wanted to project the squid like creatures (from the clip I shared) these are just cool ideas to extrapolate from. I think most of you get it. Sometimes some one doesn't)

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