Wednesday, July 23, 2008

on a visual roll...

I’m constantly surfing the web looking for snippets to extrapolate into worship experiences.

I also search to finds locations that share ideas for experiential worship ideas. I found little pockets of ideas here and there. And then they stopped. I search and search. Maybe I am doomed to surfing the web simply looking for snippets.
Today’s snippet… multi-touch interface… I actually found this a couple months ago. It is a fascinating glimpse into the new future of what we will be able to with computer screens. I love it, particularly since more than a few times I have touched my laptop screen actually expecting it to do something. And this was before I saw the video. Since this technology isn’t available affordable, how about this…
A dancer playing against the big screen, her dance is choreographed to the (video light show) being projected onto the big screen.
Liquid waves of color and sound as she sweeps her arms over the surface.
Shimmering lines as she delicately etches the surface with her fingers.
Floods of waves as she leaps and twirls next to it.
Pulsating warm as she lays her check gently onto screen.
I can see it, hear it, feel it now...

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