Monday, July 27, 2009


A lot has been going on this month. It’s been an exciting whirlwind.
As you may know, I spend a lot of time just hanging out at Starbucks, chatting with various people, developing relationships. Out of the blue about a month ago, one of my very sweet gals who I used to work and hang out with at Starbucks, hit me up on facebook and said she wanted to talk about God.
She is ready to start journeying back into a relationship with God. It has been fun and exciting to be on the journey with her!
What is also cool is that she loves theater. She has an amazing knack for stage design and has plugged right into the teams that serve on the weekend. Love it!

We also had about 50 people who had just returned from a local missions trip to Appalachia. So the place was buzzing with excited energy.

Worship was awesome this week. People came ready to worship. First song and everyone was “there”.

Man, I LML!

Worship Set 1
The Time Has Come

Small Group Highlight - Creative Team

Worship Set 2
Sing To the King
Tear Down the Walls
Message: Jesus, Beyond Space and Time

Worship Set 3
Til I See You

A big shout out to at my WL peep’s at Fred McKinnon’s blog carnival. Check out what others are doing in worship across the world!


Anonymous said...

When people come ready to worship, it's a blessing, isn't it? That's great news about that gal plugging into God's kingdom, and it's cool that you were able to establish a relationship with her to help facilitate her decision.

Jim Drake said...

Stage looks awesome....

Sorry I've been absent from Fuzion..much going on in my life.

Wish you could have been at NWLC last much fun being "together" in one place.

Lori Biddle said...

Cool stage! Great worship set, way to go Dorothy!

steff said...

Awesome Dorothy! Your set is packed full of songs I love. Sounds like a service I would have loved to attend. We are getting ready to intro Tear down the walls. Great song!