Tuesday, September 2, 2008


The Jesus Experiment..

Miracle of the fish and loaves.

Being Jesus in the world.

A bunch of cans of tuna stacked on stage or on the communion tables: tagged with thejesusexperiment.com label a sheet with instructions.

People pick up a can of tuna. Take it home and follow the instructions:

Either, buy a package of cans of tuna, mayonaise and a couple of loaves of bread. Take to the shelter. Or give it to someone you know is in financial difficulty.

Buy a couple cans of tuna with pop top lids, packets of mayonaise and a loaf of bread and give it to a homeless person. Pop top lids are important because they don't have a can opener.

Believe it or not the mayonaise is the important part. I've often heard from people that they don't have the money for the extras and that often means mayonaise.

But, the original can of tuna with the label on it; pass it on to someone else and hand them the instruction sheet to Sort of a "pay it forward" type of concept.

Nothing about this being a church project, the only connection is thejesusexperiment.com label on the can and on the sheet. Where people are encouraged to write about what they chose to do.

That's it...

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