Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tyler' church and the Chronicles of Narnia...

Man this is a sweet worship set (stage) designs!
Tyler Braun at man. of .depravity shared this sweet set last week at Creative Chaos.

I love it, talk about thinking out of the box.

Here is what he said:
In the beginning of the Chronicles of Narnia the kids walk through a coat closet and eventually run into a tree that they walk through to enter into Narnia. Right now Sunset is a little bit like that.

When I walk from the green room to the stage I pass through a forest on the way.
We started a new series at Sunset titled “Growing Wise” to kick off the fall. Trees are a symbol for what it means to grow wise. So to exemplify that idea we brought in a bunch of trees that are now the back drop on our platform. Here are some pictures that I took.

Vicar of Vibe: What are the details?
Tyler: We bought the trees from someone that runs a nursery and are selling the trees after a month to recoup the costs. It took about 5 hours to bring them in and then takes time daily to take care of them. Then obviously we have lights around them to bring the colors out.

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