Sunday, September 28, 2008


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4 Week Series on creation and evolution - Andrew Hunt
Created w/ a team of 7. Leaves are wooden cutouts suspended by wooden dowels, painted by hand by artist and lit w/ single Source 4 Jr. Zoom and a homemade gobo from pie pan. 2 Jr Zooms used for blue back ground of ORIGINS and a custom Apollo gel for the word itself. We used hay bales stacked and burlap to build the dirt pile. For the dirt we used peat moss.
in the case of this design we used the back wall of our stage as a bracing point. at the top of the big brown wall (which is actually white spandex stretched over a wooden wall) are 2 wooden braces (2 2x4 per brace). on others that aren't near the back wall we build wooden "L" brackets and screw directly into the stage. We've also provided additional support from the lighting truss when needed. hope it helps!

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krista said...

Can you please post more info on how you made your "HOMEMADE GOBOS"? We would really appreciate it alot! From Journey Church Stage Design Team!

dorothy (vicar of vibe) said...

Krista and design team,
That post is from another church designer I know named Drew (Andrew) Hunt. His blog is @
They're are here in VIrginia. His team is amazing.