Sunday, September 28, 2008

the reality behind the scene…

Sunday Set List
What an interesting weekend. Tons of "issues" happened this weekend.
The reality is we are a mobile church. Behind the scene can often be hectic.
Yesterday our truck got locked in the compound; something to do with the storm, clouds a solar powered key pad lock and the pass code changing. In fact-the logistics team got locked inside the compound with the truck.
The logistics team literally wound up having to unload what we needed off the truck and pass it out through a pedestrian gate, load it up in their cars and caravan over.
Very little rehearsal time, for the band.
Our Media Shout program crashed completely and had to throw everything into PowerPoint, literally this morning.
And ½ of the church was at a retreat this weekend. Our pastor was one of the teachers and got home really late last night. His wife (they have been married 12 weeks) was violently ill this weekend. And honestly shared he didn’t have as much time to prepare for the message as he would have liked.
We were fully prepared to do the service entirely unplugged. Because we fully know that God will always show up. That’s one of the reasons I love serving with all our various teams that support the weekend experience.. They are amazing!
The worship was amazing. The message was very emotional and real. It was a wonderful worship experience this morning and God truly was glorified. Because we know it was all about HIM!

Jesus I.D. Pt. 3: The Reality Behind The Scenes

Worship Set 1
Let Everything that Has Breath

Welcome & Greet / Announcements

Worship Set 2
Lead me to the Cross
Jesus Paid it All

(sorry really bad pictures)

Creative Element: was a stage set design, during the second worships set. Of a simply large red heart hung on the very back stage curtain. During “Jesus Paid it All”, (the transition that leads to the big crescendo of “Praise the One Who paid our debt. And raised this life up from the dead) the curtain opened to reveal a large chiffon cross.

(this picture was during rehersal, not with all the lighting and such)

Message: Jesus I.D. Pt. 3: The Reality Behind The Scenes

Worship Set 3
Breathe (an oldie but a goodie) - this was the most incredible closing song for this service today.

We feel so blessed to have the technology we do. But, in the end-none of that matters.
The reality is; it is nice to live in a country where we are free to worship God.
What matters is that we worship our God!

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Windbag said...

Breathe is a great song, with so many possibilities for jamming at the end. Thanks for sharing. I like the artistic thing your people did with the heart and cross. That makes me think of how we need to invite people with that talent to join in. I'm going to send this link to some others to brainstorm on how we could pull that off.

Gary Durbin said...

very cool idea with curtain and heart.