Thursday, October 2, 2008

pool noodles, a hula hoop and a chipmunk...

That's right pool noodles and a hula hoop...

It's hard to describe how my mind works. Before I started working on our fuZe (creative) team nine months ago, I had zero experience in creating stage/set designs.

These pool noodles and the hula hoop were actually purchased for another design several months ago (a giant faux mirror), but not used. So I carried the noodles and hula hoop in the back seat of my Thunderbird for months. It's kind of my traveling storage unit.

Anyway when we came up with this "heart" element for this week, I instantly thought of my pool noodles and hula hoop. We created two halves of a heart. They were perfect. We cut the hula hoop in half and inserted each half into a pool noodle. Then duct-taped the remaining noodles into a heart sharp and covered the frame with red cloth attached with safety pins. We duct taped fishing line to bow the rest of the shape. It was about 6 feet tall.

We attached each half of the heart to each side of the back stage curtain (with safety pins).
The service started with the curtains closed and during the second worship set, the curtains were slowly opened to reveal "the reality behind the scene", which was white chiffon, hung with gaffer clips in the shape of a cross. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture after we completed the lighting.

We used to photographer's lights. One positioned at the bottom of of the cross shooting up, and one positioned on the right crossbeam shooting to the left. The effect was awesome.

It was one of "those" weekend, with tons of technical difficulties, from our truck getting trapped in the compound where we store it - to our Media-Shout program crashing - to a chipmunk that got in the auditorium and was running amuck around the media team's table...(the reality behind the scene).

Oh, along with some of the nice comments we got from people - we had a couple people say it reminded them of the opening for the old "I Love Lucy" show. LOL. Our creative team never even thought about that.

I love God's sense of humor!

This is part of the insanity of Creative Chaos//29 on Ragemuffin Soul. I look forward to this all week...

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prophetsandpopstars said...

genius, I love it!

I'm off to try it, just to see the effect.

I love the openness with which you are able to share your creative self on your blog. Thanks for making the connection.