Saturday, October 11, 2008

blowing of the shofar...

This vid has a good explanation of the meaning behind the "blowing of the shofar". The actual blowing of the shofar isn't that great.

How do we disengage our minds from the everyday stresses we walk in with on Sunday - to prepare ourselves to enter into the presence of God?
– how to engage the hearts and minds of people in a Sunday morning worship experience. Lately, we’ve been exploring a variety of ways to call people to worship – to help move them from a place of neutrality or even passivity toward a posture of readiness for the presence of God and anticipation for what might happen.- Nancy Beach
I gather many creative teams struggle with this.
The 5 minute count-down has no apparent meaning now. I must admit ours has fallen into a rut.
-Five minute count-down
-Musical intro
-Leading into the first worship set.
People still are straggling in during the first two songs.
So in reality the people aren’t drawn into the worship experience often until after the Meet and Greet.
We have even discussed this when deciding on the placement of a creative worship element. We sort of default the placement until after the Meet and Greet.

I believe we need to start intentionally designing a more focused time of “call to worship”.

Blowing of the shofar? Both figuratively and literally?
The shofar says: "Wake up from your (moral) sleep. You are asleep. Get up from your slumber. You are in a deep sleep. Search for your behavior. Become the best person you can. Remember God, the One Who created you." Mishneh Torah, Laws of Repentance 3:4

What does it take to engage – attract people into the presence of God?

What are your experiences of intentionally drawing people into worship?

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