Sunday, October 26, 2008

a broken Kingdom...

It's early in the morning, still dark and I know that I am not alone...

...out there all of you are up early (yet again) preparing for worship today. It is an honor to serve with all of you.

We did cardboard testimonies today. If you haven't seen this powerful type of testimony, then check this one out.

We hope to have ours posted soon. It was unbelievable how God moved.
We had about 30 people who prepped ahead of time to share, then invited others to come forward and share, probably had about 25 more share. God was honored and glorified greatly today!

Worship Set 1
Be Glorified

Welcome & Greet

Message: Jesus’ Kingdom: A Broken Kingdom

Worship Set 2
Poverty - Jason Upton

Chris (pastor) came up with his card and explains cardboard testimonies
Cardboard Testimonies (rehearsed and planned ahead)
All of the Words - Kutless

Worship Set 3
Chris to bridge for congregation to come and make their own cardboard testimonies and share them at this point.

Jesus Paid it All
Grace Like Rain
Mighty to Save

What is your cardboard testimony?
This is being submitted as part of Sunday Set List blog carnival at Fred McKinnon's blog. Come and see the hearts of worship leaders.


Anita J. said...

That was a powerful presentation. Thank you for sharing that.

Brad said...

Thanks for the reply earlier. I have been flying under the setlist radar for about a month now. It wasn't my intention to be sneaky. I enjoy your blog.

God Bless,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the cardboard testimonies video. I've passed that on to several in our congregation. Wow, that was powerful. I usually don't care for the comments that wrap up an experience like that, but the guy (I assume he's your pastor) summed it up and challenged us all most excellently.

Anonymous said...

hoping we do the cardboard testimonies soon. so powerful.

dorothy (vicar of vibe) said...

That was actually Hillside Christian Church in Amarillo, TX. I believe the originators of cardboard testimonies. So was so very powerful. I hope to post ours soon.
Amazing things happened yesterday.

dorothy (vicar of vibe) said...

@thejonmorris: Please do it! It was so worth it to do ours.
As I mentioned after the scripted testimonies, we had extra cardboard for other people in the congregation to come forward and share also. Unbelievable! Such victory, One young lady even danced after sharing: "I was ugly; but God's knows I am beautiful!" Wow!
You should consider adding that element.
I believe that it's stories that convince people. People are able to choose to deny the Bible, but they can not deny the powerful changes that God does in real lives.

Anonymous said...

yeah, the video was all in house. i did the video producing and editing and that was me singing on the video. not the best recording of me, i had not slept in 48 hours. but it gives more of a live feel.