Thursday, September 25, 2008

anatomy of a set design for a mobile church on a tight budget…

We have been looking at trying to create some general set (stage) designs to utilize for worship on stage.
We started out by reusing two pieces of 8’ x 4’ plywood used in a previous set (not your parent flannel graph). And cut the pieces on a curved angle to create a 12’ curved screen. Painted it true blue enamel. Added hinges and voila!

We also have cabinets and drawers on rolling casters to store equipment. We use them as stage elements also.
The two Jesus images on the left are sitting on top of the rolling drawers covering with black cloth.
The portion of the stage flat on the right is actually the back side a 6 foot storage cabinet, painted. We attached molding across the back to set the third Jesus image on.

Added some purple cloth draping at an opposite angle. Gotta love Walmart’s $1 (a yard) table in the sewing department.
A couple Walmart shopping tips:
1. Keep a running list of colors and know the general size of you stage area.
2. I now know, if I am looking for something specific (like camouflage), I may buy only a limited amount.
3. But there are certain ubiquitous colors that I know I will always have a use for. Black, white chiffon, liturgical colors, (purple, red). And shiny stuff and satiny materials like gold, bronze and silver. Then I buy the whole bolt.
4. Remember to think out of the box. I found this unique bolt of cloth. It actually has the word Millennium and 2000 written on it in black. I figured out people wouldn’t be able to read it from where they are sitting in the auditorium and it really was a hot choice. Look what we did with it…

5. It you seem really drawn to it, buy it. It may not be there the next time you go. I should have bought the purple featured in this set when I first saw it. I wound up only being able to get 4 yards, would love more now I bought it.
Last, but not least, go by on a regular basis.
Seriously, if you haven’t checked out this resource you are only hurting your budget. Swing by Walmart this week, you will not be disappointed.
Next week, a six foot heart made out of pool noodles and a hula hoop! Seriously!

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Do you have any secret tips on stage/set design?


Louis Tagliaboschi said...

Wow, that is amazing. that is some great work. Please show us more.

Jim Drake said...

I must have missed this while I was on my trip. Thanks for the details. Walmart material rocks!