Saturday, August 30, 2008


Revelation Pt. 5 "Heaven"

For this week's worship set design we are projecting this ^^^ motion loop (representing heaven) on the ceiling of the auditorium through out the service.

We are working towards moving further in, further out and further up. Our venue is fairly large a 400 seat junior high auditorium and there is a lot of blank space. So we have been playing with various ideas on moving the focus away from the stage all the time. Breaking through the fourth wall.

We also had a dramatic Scripture reading of Revelation 21 & 22 (whilte scrolling on screen). We have decided that we will read a lot more Scripture aloud on stage through out the next year. (no comment on the use of the papyus font, I've tried so hard to get it banned. But our graphics/mulit-media gal and our pastor are in love with papyrus)

The clip is from a new place I found last week called Muddy River Media, who provide free, quality media resources for churches using the internet as the primary delivery tool.
They carry various things like count-down timers, motion loops, stock photo's and more. Worth checking out.

Our Sunday set list.

Have you used projections in unique places? Tell me about it.

This is going to be submitted to Ragamuffin's Soul Creative Chaos (if he decides to blog on his birthday)

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