Friday, August 8, 2008

nothing is impossible...

Just something interesting about this...
Particularly Micah @ @pmich relating it to with God EVERTHING is possible.
Sometime I have really wild ideas. Particularly the one about holograms in worship. I know people look at me like I am strange. Incuding our own fuZe (creative) team. Even my own friends.
One person even asked me why would we want squids in worship. Ah, think he missed the point. It wasn't the squid-like creatures that fasinated me; it was extrapolating the holograms concept to be utilized somehow in worship. It's nice to know that someone else thinks big!
That is why I love the blogging community. I find lots of other freaky minded people (and that is a compliment, really!)
So to all my new freaky minded design blog friends in cyberspace: thank you for being there!

Tell me about your freakiest idea...come on dream big!

Dynamic Tower Skyscraper: Every floor self rotates, powered by wind and sun.

Thank you to pmich@ Leading the Arts

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Micah said...

thanks for the link. i love the idea of using holograms in worship. we've looked into using them as sermon illustrations. could u imagine paul reading his own letters instead of your pastor reading it? wonder who will start the first holographic multi site venue? happy dreaming.