Sunday, August 17, 2008

tabernacle experience...

This is being submitted to Creative Chaos // 23 @ Ragamuffin.

Series: Revelation: Christ, Redemption Fulfilled (continued)

This was created in just one week. It was a whirlwind experience, but EVER so powerful. The message was really wrapped around the creative elements. I’ll provide a link when it is posted on the website.
Creative elements: here is what we came up with:

Altar of burnt offering (bronze):
A table with crimson cloth and bronze cloth draped over it.
Large rectangular container wrapped with paper (next time it will be bronze). Lights and a fan inside, with crumpled orange and red cellophane.

Lamp stands (gold):
We already have three lampstands (with a total of 7 {holy and complete number} LED candles). We took them and simply grouped them together. Just the candle stands, Next time we hope to paint them gold.

Bread stand (bronze): I have a medium sized brass table. Found four gold colored chargers at World Market. We used one on the bread stand and three on the communion table. Had a display of representative bread (for show in the beginning). If you will note in the picture, one of the ends was torn off; because we forgot to get an incense holder and we actually used the end of the bread to put the incense in. lol.

The bread machines were again placed through out the auditorium and were baking through out the service. Mmmm…

Incense stand (gold): small group podium with gold cloth draped around it. Found a metal bowl (at Walmart) and spray painted it gold. Placed cinnamon incense in a piece of bread.

Holiest of Holies:
Front curtains were closed until we were “allowed access into God’s heart”. When opened, revealed the Holiest of Holies, the very heart of God. Which before Christ, only the high priest was allowed to enter.
Stage curtains were pulled in to create a smaller more intimate space.
Long lengths of chiffon and fishing wire and plastic clips. Hung from rafters, draped across at angles and weighted with sand bags.

When the curtains opened, we had a dancer, dancing to Agnus Dei. It was so amazing, during the dance the people in the congregation just rose and started praising!

Communion elements: On stage we had three tables placed in a triangle shape with white table clothes. Gold chargers (*see above) cups, standard communion elements. And a representative cup.
Everyone was invited into the heart of God to partake in communion.

The last picture is really bad, but it was so cool, it was a young mom who was actually teaching her son how to raise his hands and praise God. It was amazing, so I had to include it.

Afterwards, everyone was invited to hang out and eat the warm bread (placed on the bread stand), as the priests would have done.

We will be doing this again!

Have collected various color clothes over the years at the Walmart $1 table.

Do you have a special store to buy design items, like the $1 table at Walmart (are you smiling Jim)?

Didn’t do: Laver and the other stations this time:
Comes before lampstand and bread station.
May need two because of logistics (the aisles in the auditorium). Two desks covered with black covers with brass bowls on them (and water)

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