Saturday, August 23, 2008

Starbuck's coffee shop.......

That's right. Starbucks on stage...

08/25/08 Revelation Pt. 5 "End of the World"

Another whirlwind week with one week to create this worship set design. Our pastor requested a coffee shop set-up this week. Thankfully, I had planned this out in my head several weeks ago and had already snagged this promotional marketing from Starbucks. It helps to always be thinking ahead.

This is an actually promo set from summer 2008 at Starbucks.

All right; first of all I must confess that I work at Starbucks and do all of our promotional sets at the store. The moment I saw this come in, I knew exactly what I would be doing with it for church. I've actually been carrying the Starbuck's promo in the trunk of my car since the middle of July.
Really! lol!

<-- The promo sign came in pieces that linked into each other. I just purchased a metal tiki torch stand from Walmart for $5.
Stuck in a metal pole, painted black to hold the sign steady. I'm going to try to find some more of these metal stands to use with a pvc pipe system we've built. Especially while they are on sale for the end of summer clearance.

NOTE: Stores sometimes will give away promo materials after it is done. Become friendly with your local baristas. If you like something, ask nicely (in the past I have written people's names and phone numbers on the back of the promo item) and you must show up the day they are throwing it away. Christmas promo sets are sometimes sold at minimal costs after the season is over.

Our producer for this week Dan, had this bistro set of table and chairs at his home.
The lamp is from Ikea.

This will also link to our free giveaway for guests. Each week, we give out a Cross Current logo mug, filled with logo'd m&m's, a Starbuck's giftcard and some info about Cross Current.

As a side note: I tend to carry lots of design stuff in my car. In my trunk, I have several bolts of cloth (that I purchased at the Walmart $1 table), several types of black stools for stage props, boxes etc. I also currently have 6 yellow pool noodles, a hula hoop and a stuffed elephant in the back seat of my car. It's pretty funny sometimes. People will look in the back of my car and actually ask why I have those items in the back seat and I tell them about the cool things that I get to do at church.

What do you have in the trunk of your car?

This is a part of Creative Chaos//25 at Ragamuffin Soul...
FYI: Local outreach opportunity:
While I am talking about Starbucks. Often there is a great opportunity for helping out a local shelter if you can organize the people at church.
Most of the morning pastries are marked out daily. Often there is quite a bit. If you are able to gather a group of people willing to pick up the marked out pastries each day and talk to the manager, you could probably arrange with your local Starbucks to pick the pastries up (sometimes in the afternoon or at the close of business) each day and deliver them to the shelter. Some are willing to do it, others may not. It's a win - win situation.

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Jim Drake said...

Currently... 2 old windows and two screens that I salvages from a house....

Cool that you can get these things... SB always has great visuals.

I'm friends with a Big Box (WM) manager--i regularly ask for visuals that are being thrown away...and yes, you have to take them the day they come down or else dumpster dive.

Thanks for sharing this.