Tuesday, August 26, 2008

(vicar of vibe)

I am Dorothy. The self appointed (vicar of vibe). Everything I do is geared towards what is relevant to the skeptic mind of this up and coming generation. The first goal of everything that I design (creative elements in worship) is geared towards enticing the skeptic.


I alternate between the top rating hard rock radio station, top 40, and country. I rarely listen to Christian radio.

Follow Nielson ratings:
TV: I watch everything on broadcast tv at least one time, whether I like it or not. If it is hot, I watch it more often.
Cable (this cracks me up):
Nascar is always up there.
Sponge Bob is in the top rated cable shows all the time.

But, being mindful that the 20 somethings (and younger) don’t really watch tv. They download more often than TiVo.
Life is on demand. A favorite quote I recently found was; *I love that we are considered both “technologically proficient” and “technologically promiscuous”… They’re right… I’m fickle… and so are all the students in my world…. (Brad Cooper’s blog)

Digitally enhanced/enabled media:
More importantly, one of the trends I have been following for many years is that our society is undergoing major changes in the syntax of our lifestyles and communications. It isn’t defined by
age/generation . It is defined by technology and mindset.
I even coined a new tag to define
GEND (digital generation). Simply stated you either are digitally connected or not. You either get it or you don’t get it. This digitally enhanced/enabled media is re-defining the boundaries on how various social groups and generations interface with each other: on some very basic levels, i.e. general preferences in lifestyle, communication and worship environments. A new language of interactivity has evolved. And this is giving rise to this digitally divided generation bracket.

But, most significantly, I hang out with younger skeptics. I don't know why, but God has blessed me with the ability to be friends with the tattooed, pierced, disenfranchised skeptics. I love it. We talk about everything, including spiritual things. It's imperitive to be non-judgemental, love them where they are at. I really listen to what is important to them.

We have to pay attention to these trends and make a choice not to get stuck in any mindset. We must stay cutting edge all the time. Never resting. Not doing ministry from memory instead of imagination.
Cutting edge can sometimes hurt, but it is much better than becoming dull. More people are cut with dull knives than sharp. But, I feel it is the sacrifice we must make to stay culturally relevant for each generation.

There you have it. It’s what I am called to do.

I am Dorothy (vicar of vibe)…

What do you do to stay culturally relevant? And how does it reflect in your worship design?

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