Saturday, February 28, 2009

gifting the called...

I never would have guessed a year ago that this is the place I would be. People often think that God "calls the gifted". While that may be true, I find He often "gifts the called".

Now that I have the beginnings of the ENHANCE team and someone to mostly take over the week-to-week that is focusing on “styling the stage”; one of the projects I am working on is building and developing a stage construction team. I guarantee you this is WAY out of my gifting.
Over the last 4 months or so, I have been talking to various people that have shown aptitude and interest in construction. One friend I talk to at Starbucks all the time, and a couple people who have helped on a building project at church.
Also working on writing interesting blurbs to post on our new website under opportunities to volunteer (along with blurbs for styling the stage, experiential elements, etc).
Going to start contacting the people that expressed some interest, set up an interest meeting.

Here are three of the projects I’d like to see implemented over the next 6 months.

Here is where one of my other projects comes into play. Back when I was talking about creating online communities that share ideas and help each other out…
I've been researching the concept of using trusses as a stage design for awhile. Then Josh Parrish posted a new set of photos on flickr creative elements design WAREHOUSE lab.
Clicked, read, communicated, researched
Asked him questions, he helped me out. Got some ideas how to start researching radio tower trusses.
Have my gal who loves to research stuff going on trying to find a local supplier for us to start pricing.
Started communication with the lighting crew. Working on joint team efforts for funding and implementation.

Trestles and Table:

A nice wooden table that could be used as an alter that fits together sort of like a puzzle. That would store flat.

Had the thought, multilevel staging. Started out as boxes, then moved to smaller platforms that would interlocking pieces for a base, and a hinged top. Since we are a mobile church we need to be able to set up and break down flat to load in and out each week.
Again, somewhere along the line I meet sparky and invited him to post on flickr creative elements design WAREHOUSE lab and creative fuZion lab and he submitted this idea.

For some reason when I saw his sketch, I was finally able to come up with this idea…
So, we will be working on this also.

Now do you see how all these pieces are starting to fall into place? What is God calling you to, will you trust that He will gift you for that calling?

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