Friday, February 27, 2009


Maybe not really, but...

I was out shopping at Wal-Mart this morning, checking out the fabric on the bargain table (used to be $1, now $1.50 a yard) and I got some really disturbing news.

Walmart's are getting rid of their fabric departments. Not just the bargain table, but the entire department. We use a tremendous amount of cloth when styling our stage.

So my dear Beth ( ENHANCE team member extraordinaire) and I are going on roads trips over the next two weekends. I figure there are about 17-20 stores within an hour and a half (each direction) from my house. Hitting all the Wal-Marts, depleting their (appropriate) remaining supplies of inexpensive fabric.

So, not really panicking, but have to roll out and stock up.
Now a shout out to one of fav friends...
Jim Drake, what are we going to do?


Jim Drake said...

just bought 16 yards myself yesterday at another WM in a local town. Their bins were mighty low.

I'll check with our local manager..he's a friend and I'll see what I can find. Our bins here are still full.

Check Hancock too.. they have a bargain bin--but it's not $1.00

dorothy (vicar of vibe) said...

Went to three (there are 20 within 30-35 miles from my house) Walmarts today (Saturday). Found that had a very decent selection AND it is keeping their fabric/crafts department.
I was doing dances in the aisles!!!