Friday, February 27, 2009

visioning the future...

Simultaneously I have been developing contacts with other people doing stage/set designs in various churches, both on the web and locally. This started because I simply wanted to connect with other people who were designing stage/set elements.
I researched blogs and flickr and started meeting people.
Looking, connecting, learning, sharing.
I started throwing up more details of what we have been creating and some people have been interested.
I haven’t really been able to find any groups that focused on this area (one sort of used to exist as a sub-group), but nothing that existed solely for the purposes of designing stage/set designs and other experiential elements.
So I created two groups.

One of them, flickr creative elements design WAREHOUSE lab is a group that shares pictures of their stage designs. I spend time searching and inviting people to join in this group.

I also created creative fuZion blog carnival on Thursdays. Again, I spend time researching and inviting people to share in this group. It's just getting started, but I truly believe it will explode someday as people share what they know with others who are just starting out. I have met some incredibly great people on this journey.

I have been trying to educate myself in various areas from EPS, holograms to radio power trusses.
Increasing my knowledge of various aspects of design elements so that I am able to at least share step by step instructions along with visuals of each project.
Also still trying to find other people willing to teach what they do. It’s why I ask people loads of questions when I see an element I am interested in.
I really want to create collaborative group of people with the technical knowledge to teach each other and to encourage other people to try their hands at styling their stages.

Also have a future concept of WAREHOUSE’ing actual set/stage designs, sort of where you are finished with a project and you are willing to give/share it with another church. That is still way down the road at this moment.

In addition to all of that, I am working on creative movement pieces (that interact with
Percussion elements, that reach out into the auditorium).
And coordinating with the lighting and media teams to plan future purchases with the focus on visioning future capabilities vs. just buying what we need to support or replace what we already have in place.
Visioning the future is a whole other ball of wax that I will have to manage downloading from my brain to paper.
I see our future, where it is leading and try really hard to work behind the scenes to encourage our people to work on designing from imagination instead of designing from memory. Marketing ideas, website design and more.
As I am writing this, I now understand why my brain is on overload. There are way too many things I dream about. I seriously need to find a way to be able to spend all my time working on this and hanging out at Starbucks.
Anybody know of a position that is available?
Come back tomorrow and see how all this chaos actually starts to fall into place...

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