Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sunday Set List//32// imageo...

The youthlings (called imageo) lead the worship today. Yippee! That is always fun! We are actually blessed to have two complete youth bands and growing.

HUGE band today 3 on vocals, two keyboards, two electric & one acoustic guitar, bass, viola and drums.

They particularly rocked "Fields of Grace". Love when the youthlings lead worship!

This is what the stage looked like... oh, but wait that is from behind!
Actually pretty fun stage design; but I need some time to put all the pics together. It will be up for creative fuZion this week. For some reason I was more excited about this one than normal.

Instrumental Opener - Fire

Worship Set 1
Fields of Grace
Famous One

W&G (Announcements) Evidently our staff is now having a competition of who is able to keep the announcements under 3 minutes. What a riot. Maybe we will be able to get rid of them soon...

Video: Worship - A New Day
Worship Set 2
Beauty of the Lord
Till I See You

Message: Lordship of Jesus: Tough Truth
The message today was on John 14: 6 Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. " And submission.
Tough truth, tough message, taken well.

Worship Set 3
God of This City
The Wonderful Cross
How do you feel about announcements?
Come on over and hang out with worship leaders
(and those who worship with them) at Fred McKinnon's Sunday Set List blog carnival. Everyone is invited! This is being posted at the carnival.


Anonymous said...

I despise announcements on a deep level. I'm so old, the only song that I know on your list is The Wonderful Cross. So much music, so little time... For what it's worth, the stage looks cool. Nice, warm colors.

Jim Drake said...

Hmm.. would that be Walmart material. I saw our WM manager today--but didn't get to talk to him.

Looking forward to pics.. did you see our painting we did today?

Chris Gambill said...

Thanks for your posts and thoughts. Been reading for a while.

Announcements...definitely a love/hate relationship. I suppose they can be effective if used correctly, but most people still think it's the best way to get people to know stuff. I find that's not true as most people tune it out. Perhaps if the purpose of announcements is to engage people in the life of the church, connect them with what's happening, what's being taught, and what they need to respond to.

simple christfollower said...

Announcements are only as good as you make them. We make a habit of only announcing events that involve the whole church. But I still don't like them!Love you set design this week!

steff said...

I love it when the youth get to lead! Sounds like a great day! We need to plan a youth day soon!

B.J. Collins said...

Dorothy, our kids LOVE that Big Daddy Weave song, "Fields of Grace." It's such a nice simple song, and done correctly it has a lot of nice "white space" to give it dynamics. Isn't it exciting to see a new generation of worship leaders in training right before your eyes? Imagine how it makes our HEAVENLY Father feel... I know He's smiling when we put those kids up in front of the congregation. I was surrounded by a band with a combined age less than mine on Saturday night, and I love it. On Sunday, a 16-year-old and 17-year-old worked seamlessly with us oldsters.

I'm going to a meeting on Thursday night before rehearsal, and the topic is going to be finding ways to manage our service length. If I hear one person suggest that we cut the worship music time, I'll probably blow a gasket. Pray for me. Since we have a big Powerpoint screen AND printed bulletins, I vote for eliminating ANNOUNCEMENTS!