Sunday, February 15, 2009

fuZion, the process...

I love the way God works.

We've been working on a series coming up in March, which is going over various areas of our lives that we need to submit to Christ.

I vaguely remembered a video I had seen about some sort of non-marriage commitment in bed which I thought was funny. Two of us searched diligently all over the place, for two weeks to try to find it.

Then tonight I was participating in Sunday Set List blog carnival at Fred McKinno's blog like I do every week, and one of the first links I followed Chris Moncus was sharing about attending (online) today. I just 'happened' to see another video he posted from ( a very funny series on Satan) which I had seen before, then I thought wait...that's where I saw it on

Well, here is the video. Jus tposted it on our basecamp. Whew! Yippee!

Thanks guys. Thank you God!

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