Tuesday, December 23, 2008

worship in the gaze...

One of the things that like to do is notice trends…
And it is nice to see more and more people recognizing the need to think though what is truly important about Christmas. Eliminating the fluff and focusing on the miracle of Christ’s birth.
In my life, I have been going through this very process over the last few years.

Our creative team at church was actually very excited about our Christmas set. Called “Christmas Crescendo”. A visual juxtaposition of the simplicity of Jesus’ birth vs. what it has become in our society. The implementation of this thought was wonderful. The highlight of it all was “Mary’s Child
The chorus said:
Angels and shepherds are singing your praise
But I want to worship right here in your gaze
Tomorrow a savior ,but today just a babe
Tomorrow on a cross, but today in a manger you lay.

This Christmas may all who love Him take time to simply worship in the gaze of the babe of Bethlehem.

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