Sunday, December 21, 2008

rest in peace Puffin

Puffin Holland
Well, the beginning of my day was absolutely wonderful.

The end of my day tragic. I had to go to a meeting at Starbucks this evening. When I came home, I found my sweet, sweet 18 yr, 10 month old dog Puffin dead on the living room floor when I came in.

Obviously, it has been expected.

I love my husband, he has worried about me so much when this time would come. He was there to hold me and comfort me as long as I needed. He gets the prize as the very best husband ever.

I am hurting, but I know it was the right thing. I have been praying that God handle the situation. I wanted to be able to make the correct choice. Yet, she wasn’t really in pain. But, because of the prayer…I know it was the right rime.

I trust in Him.

Isn’t he amazing to care enough for me and my little bundle of joy.

But for now, I sit simply holding her. She brought so much joy. She is going to be missed greatly.


prophetsandpopstars said...

sorry...death is such a suckfest!

Beth said...


I'm SO sorry - what a downer after such a great morning. Even though we know God's timing is perfect, sometimes you really have to wonder, don't you?

*Hugs* dear friend...
Love you!