Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Crescendo...

We’re actually very excited about our Christmas set. Called “Christmas Crescendo”.
A visual juxtaposition of the simplicity of Jesus’ birth vs. what it has become in our society.

The service will start with the lights dimming to black (light strips along the isles).

Then a single spot will light on Mary holding baby Jesus. Mary is silent for a few moments, a new mother with her newborn son. She then begins to sing him a song (idea: O come Emmanuel). Quiet at first, then just audible enough to hear (maybe not even with a mic). But she is singing to her baby, not the congregation.

Then the keys begin to underscore and audible overtake her vocals (she’s still singing, eventually probably mouthing it, or turn down the mic).

Then suddenly an electric guitar joins as the screen begins to show an lively and up-beat artistic video. Then the rest of the band starts to join. The stage is progressively getting lit as the band enters the song.

Then a couple (guy and girl) enter the stage and the guy is dragging a Christmas tree from the left to the right side of stage (passes in front of Mary). The girl is carrying a box with tinsel and decorations and maybe the stand to hold the tree. Once the tree is up the guy goes to the right side of the stage and brings on presents to put under the tree. Just as a couple of kids run in from the left and begin to shake and open some of the presents (they all continue to interact silently).

At the same time some other people enter from both sides of the stage holding shopping bags (as stage hands, in black, drag in racks with clothes on them). These people look through the clothes and interact. Some leave, some stay, new people join, etc.

Meanwhile the song builds with a couple vocals picking up the chorus still mouthed by Mary.

Then from the left side of the stage, stage hands roll out the old drum platform (covered in red cloth) with a fancy “throne” where a Santa Claus is sitting on it. Then kids and parents join the crowded stage from the right side of the stage and form a line for pictures as a photographer begins to take pictures (flash and all).

Almost simultaneous with this, hundreds of Christmas lights begin to come on all round the stage dangling from the curtains (and on the tree that was brought in; the actors around the tree have been setting up the trees lights and plugging them in).

Getting a big “Merry Christmas” light for the back center of the stage, that would be the final part to this building crescendo. All of this would be, of course, timed to the song.

Suddenly the music ends as all the lights go out, save the one spot on Mary who is now the lone voice singing to Jesus.

Then as her song ends someone enters the stage to provide a monologue about how we need to focus this Christmas on Jesus, not all the lights and noise.

Then we go into calm and simple worship set with just a singer and guitar.

What are your plans for Christmas service this year?

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